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WhitetidelineDesigns.com​                     Jewelry-with-a-Journey



Welcome to White Tideline Designs.  Every design has a name, a story and when my muse 'hits,' I sit down to design and create.  Often my travels abroad ~ the cobbled streets of Paris' Montmartre, Tuscany's Medieval Hilltowns of Siena & San Gimignano or Norway's high plateau known as Finnmarksvidda, the Incan ruins in Peru or the majesty that is Antarctica ~ these places, and more are a force behind my designs.  My endless and abundant muse...

My designs are created using the finest beads & materials available.  Focal to most of my pieces are exquisite glass beads made by studio bead artists.  Called 'lampwork,' these beads are kiln-annealed for durability and are surprisingly lightweight.  Precious and semi-precious stones and sterling silver used in my work help to create a tapestry of color & landscape in each design.

​Please check back often as I am adding new pieces frequently.  You will find more designs/pieces in my website store, listed by category.  In the meantime, don't hesitate to reach out to me if you are looking for something in particular or have questions about my work.  

Custom design requests are an option. A large part of my business is handling custom designs for repeat clients who have grown fond of my work and would like a piece designed with their own ideas based on certain colors, themes, seasons or ocassions. This is always a joyful collaboration. I will work within an idea/vision framework & will send you a price range  (you can also provide me with a budget range, before my work begins) and at the end, I will email photos for you to preview your piece with an opportunity for you to request changes or modifications. With custom work, the process is a very dynamic collaboration between me and the client . However, if you would prefer to absent yourself from the process and allow me to just 'go for it,' that works very well, too!