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** How to Place an Order **


To place an order through this website, you have a few options.  I will explain each option below as there has been some confusion in the past.

1.  Shopping Cart:  You can click on the 'Add to Cart' button below the bracelet or other item you wish to purchase and follow the prompts, filling out the boxes and then click on your preferred method of payment (a check or a credit card payment via Paypal). If you are paying via Paypal, you will be forwarded to the Paypal website to complete the payment. Upon receipt of your payment, your bracelet will be mailed out within 1-2 business days, pending any bracelet length adjustment.
2.  Payment by Check: If you would like to pay via a check payment, just let me know in the order instructions and I will invoice you via a quick email.
3.  Order by Email: If you would rather bypass the buttons and links of the website altogether and just place your order via a quick email, that is fine as well.  Just send me an email at:  Please let me know the name and number of the piece you would like to purchase along with your preferred bracelet size in inches or centimeters.   Also let me know how you would like to pay and I will invoice you accordingly.
4. If you are a bit leary of internet shopping and ordering online,  most of my pieces are also listed on the websites of and  These websites offer a measure of security and accountability if you are new to the online marketplace and wish to make a purchase under a more secure umbrella.  My shop name in each venue is whitetidelinedesigns. Below is a link directly to and my shop.  For Etsy & eBay buyers, there is no fee to purchase an artist's work - all fees are paid by the artist in a post-sale commission to Etsy.
6. - I also host a small shop on eBay with occasional live auctions.  Although the format and marketplace of the eBay culture may not be a perfect match with handcrafted design work, I have found that cross-marketing has proven to be a powerful door for many wonderful clients who I now consider friends.  Here is a link to my shop on eBay:
Like Etsy, eBay offers a measure of security in making an online purchase with all sorts of buyer protection and guarantees which are inherent to the eBay buying experience.  I'm a big fan of buying all sorts of great stuff on eBay and selling on eBay is pretty fun, too!

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