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** Custom Orders

This is a page for me to put up custom orders which have been completed. These bracelets are not for sale.  They are already sold.  However, if you would like to discuss a custom order, please send me an email ~  I'd be delighted to work with you!

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'Aspen Snow'  Custom Design for Emma'Aspen Snow'  Custom Design for Emma'Aspen Snow'  Custom Design for Emma
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#0001 'Aspen Snow' Custom Design for Emma

As one of my favorite glass bead artists (lampworkers) is on hiatus just now, I have been actively searching for new, cutting-edge & original glass artists.  So many produce copy-cat beads and it has become fairly easily for me to spot someone with a ticking imagination. I am after that one-of-a-kind set; beads that are edgy, interesting and have their own story to tell.  Needless to say, I was very happy to find the artist of these beads.  The bold cobalt transparent blue rounds with the pink petaled swowflakes, colored with red & periwinkle, each with a cubic zirconia set in the hot glass before it was annealed, are charming with just the right whimsy. It was tempting to designs a Valentines Day piece with the red & pink popping out of the cobalt, but then a most glorious set of AAA quality faceted cubic zirconia stones arrived & it was just so much ice and the snowflake theme became so real and something I longed to sit and work with (I was stuck in earring purgatory in preparation for a show. As I said to the show organizer, earrings don't provide enough of a canvas as bracelets do.)
As a design, 'Aspen Snow' came together so gracefully.  I have been skiing in Aspen just once, but I was struck by the largess of the place and its worldwide image.  The posh shops, trendy, cozy restaurants, the Uggs & high fashion, the spas and salons and of course, the slopes.  I once found myself on a black run on the mountain known as Ajax  one morning after a night of too much wine.  What a challenge that was given the fact I was an intermediate skier.  But, I digress..  It just seemed like the big, pretty petaled snowflakes with the cubic zirconia centerpiece belonged in Aspen along with a big dose of real love, the other name for the bracelet and hence the plethora of sterling heart charms.
Companions to the large, cobalt snowflake beads are beautiful scroll rounds by the esteemed Heather Davis of Blissfulgardenbeads, a known person of lampwork royalty among mid-level designers.  She has her signature beads which rarely change and these are no exception.  I love the look of pink ice and the fancy touch of scroll on these rounds.  Just what I wanted & needed to continue the composition of 'Aspen Snow.'
 Other beautiful lampwork I have used in 'Aspen Snows' are  from the following gifted artists:
* Pink & Cranberry 3 D flowers by Serena of SJDS Designs
* Transparent blue 3D flowers by Heather of studio, Beadintrigue
* Salmon pink clay roses by published clay artists, D. Jean Vainio
* Stunning blue ice cube/snowy night cube lampwork bead by Lori Robbins
"Aspen Snow" is completed with the following semi-precious stones & crystals.  They include:
* Stunning clear & pink faceted cubic zirconia teardrop beads (looking like royal jewels!)
* Transparent periwinkle faceted Chalcedony faceted briolettes
* Ruby Jade faceted briolettes
* Luminous iolite faceted heart-shaped briolettes, the nautical lens stone of the Vikings (shimmers)
* Faceted clear quartz rondelles
* Dazzling tiny white topaz briolette & rondelles
* Blue furnace beads
* Swarovski crystal butterflies, cubes, bicones in a variety of colors
* Hilltribe sterling puffy heart charms
* Sterling Silver snowflake charms
* Hilltribe sterling droplet beads
* Bali daisy spacers
* Lots of snowflake charms in different patterns
 'Aspen Snow' is completed with an ornate Bali silver toggle &  measures 8.5 inches.
As I have said of  a few other recent designs (most already sold), this is a piece which belongs as much in a gallery display case with a spot-light, as it does worn as art. 'Aspen Snow' is a festive piece for any time during these winter holidays and during the ski season as one promenades on Main Street in Aspen, window shopping, stopping for a coffee and roll and taking in all the color and fantasy of a posh winter's hideaway.  Gotta love it!  Just got to!
'Aspen Snow' is a custom design for a magical, luminous client who, like me, happens to like the snow, most especially the Swedish variety!

Sold out!  Thank you!
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'A Raven's Harvest'  Custom Order for Emma'A Raven's Harvest'  Custom Order for Emma'A Raven's Harvest'  Custom Order for Emma
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#4698 'A Raven's Harvest' Custom Order for Emma

'A Raven's Harvest' is named for the many wine countries around the world - not just our beloved Napa & Sonoma Valley Wineries here in Northern California.  Whether you are in Tuscany, in France, in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand or in California...there is always a wine country to be had; a day of heightened life experience, roaming and wandering at leisure and modestly sipping a thousand tastes while enjoying a sumptuous countryside, steeped in natural beauty and often rather fabulous history.
So...with that said, imagine my sheer delight when another set of Gabrielle's magnificent lampwork beads arrived from Germany! They were not her signature sea-beach themed beads, but rather European country garden-esq in design.  Colorful, always playful and reminding me of the miles and miles of vineyards I passed on a bicycle one fine October whilst bicycling in Provence.  "A Raven's Harvest' began with Gabrielle's beads and expanded from there.
Next, I reached out to Catherine Steele's always detailed and perfect grape harvest lentils - a bunch of purple grapes on ivory, cascading down the center with scrolls as vines and olive colored leaves.  Finally, the lightening rod.  The focal bead which can only be described as mystical and surrealistic, as if it crashed down to earth from the very galaxy itself.  An orb in shape, this is a rich, encased bead with bubbles of sea-foam, greens and taupe under a thick layer of glass and drizzled with actual sterling silver.  I have capped this masterpiece in Bali silver beadcaps, which are reminiscent of both the bead and of grapevines.  The chemistry of these three distinct lampwork beads (sets) is sublime and yet again, a piece de resistance in glass art, especially when one considers the top-flight bead artists and their masterpieces-in-glass.
Companion lampwork beads also included in 'A Raven's Harvest,' are:
* 3D petaled flowers by Serena
* Three dark amber acorns by Aussie Fire Beads
* Two garnet-red raspberries by Lori Robbins (exquisite!)
* Amber leaves by Heather of Bead Intrigue
* Sheer purple and white roses by published clay artist D. Jean Vainio
Stones & beads include:
* Elegantly faceted, AAA quality green Brazilian amethyst
* Chunky faceted amethyst rondelles
* Amethyst rondelles
* Cubic zirconia AAA quality faceted teardrops in apricot & forest green
* Baltic amber
* Faceted purple/champagne Ametrine rondelles
* Swarovski cubes & bicones
* Sterling silver Bali sterling lentil caps & daisy spacers
* Sterling silver grape bunch charm
* Sterling silver country horse-drawn coach
* Sterling silver scarecrow
* Sterling silver raven
* Two broad sterling silver Autumn leaves (Thai Hilltribe)
 A magnificent cast sterling silver round toggle clasp created with a vine/leaf theme done by artist, Cathy Dailey using the old wax technique, completes 'A Raven's Harvest,' which measures @ 8.5-8.75" in length and can be resized easily & at no additional charge.
'A Raven's Harvest' is one of those designs that is a memory-seeker and once found, a keeper, as in 'keepsake' bracelet, reminding one of days spent in Chianti or at Chateuneuf du Pape or in Burgundy or at Mondavi, listening to a concert in the vineyards under the night sky or at the Hess Winery, wandering in the resident art gallery or at the historic Shramsberg Champagnery where Robert Louis Stevenson used to come and stay to help ease his weak lungs.  A piece littered with lampwork of 6 different glass artists, it is sure to be an eye-pleaser for all who behold the fancy & magic of these glorious harvest days, both past & present.

Sold Out!  Thank you!
Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock
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