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Hurry and catch as catch-can! Many of these are first-run pieces, all one-of-a-kind designs & are being offered in other venues, galleries & shows as well.  Snap them up at these bargain prices while you can!   (Please note that other discount promotions or coupons do not apply to sale items unless specifically stated).

'Renoir Afternoon''Renoir Afternoon''Renoir Afternoon'
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#6621 'Renoir Afternoon'

One delightful memory from my university years was the day I had to go to declare my major. It was a sunny, beautiful Autumn day in Berkeley, California and I was up at Strawberry Pool, just beyond the football stadium where I relaxed before heading down to campus to meet my major professor for the first time. I was a little pressed for time, having run into one Greek God too many at the pool. As such, I did not take the time to change into more proper campus attire. Instead, I dashed down to campus in cut-off shorts, a red top and my running shoes, uncertain of the protocol of my meeting. To my relief, I was warmly welcomed into Professor Renoir's office and we sat and had a relaxed chat which was at times funny, touching and always genuine. He told me to come to him with any problems I might be having both in school or in my private life or if I just needed to talk. We spoke of his 'favorite girl,' and he pointed at her large portrait on his door - CoCo, the gorilla who could communicate using sign language. When he asked me what I wanted to 'be' when I grew up, I told him that I wanted to be an actress. I felt so at ease with the professor that it was with total abandon that I spoke of my desire to pursue the stage and screen. He listened to me and only after I was done, ever so gently told me that he had many family members who had been in film and theatre and they had known frequent sorrow. I took his words to heart, but it was only some weeks after our meeting that I learned that my dear Professor Renoir was the son of the great film director of "La Grande Illusion," Jean Renoir. Professor Renoir was therefore also the grandson of the luminous French painter, Pierre-Auguste Renoir. In this past week, as I worked with my palette of glass artisan beads in all their spring colors, blending shades of violet, blue, pink with a splash of orange - that I was reminded of Professor Renoir's grandfather and of that warm, autumn day up at Strawberry pool and afterwards, when I dashed down to campus to declare my English major to such a kind & gentle grandson of a great painter. 

'Renoir Afternoon' is an all-artisan crafted, gallery-calibre, double-strand wrap bracelet made entirely of studio & sculptural lampwork glass beads, gemstones, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. Another LUXE design, this is a complex bracelet design in the 'spirit' genre; a complex design invoking the wild moving, alive energy of a time and place gone by and all that means in terms of life and our call upwards to a God or to Gods & Goddesses to help shepherd us on this journey of life. 

'Renoir Afternoon', as with others in my LUXE collection, is awash in top-flight artisan lampwork beads (by 12 different artists located both here and abroad), sterling silver beads & components including beautiful Bali & Thai Hilltribe silver beads and a hand-cast sterling daisy toggle made using the old wax technique. Central to the design, inherent in 'Renoir Afternoon,' is a sumptuous floral focal bead by a local gifted artist. The striking 3-D floral bead shares focus of the bracelet with an amazing long, rectangle lampwork bead by an esteemed German artist. It is as if she paints watercolors in molten glass as she forms her beads in the flame. The painting in this particular bead is of an Iris and Poppy garden in the late afternoon. It is the perfect bead around which to build the rest of the bracelet design both in theme and color. Other glass studio beads include bright sculptural strawberry & blackberry beads, thick violet poppies, whimsical blue encased daisy lentils, elegant disc beads in a variety of colors, a single 'bubble' blue round, looking like so much water in a pond. Among my very favorite lampwork beads in the entire design are organic encased small rounds which have a bumpy texture of rich clear glass and vibrant colors encased in the bead core. I don't know how the artist does it, but her beads always have a wet appearance and make any design just *pop*. A variety of smaller and organic lampwork rounds dangle down around the main strands along with gemstones and sterling. Other beads include glass furnace beads (little 'chubs') by David Christensen in violet & pink; elegant & luminous Baroque pearls, faceted chalcedony, quartz & cubic zirconia briolettes, blue-fire flash moonstone discs, micro-faceted blue flourite, a purple amethyst rondelle, a pink aquarmarine nugget, Sleeping Beauty turquoise chips & most elegant of all, pink sapphire faceted 'tyre' shaped beads which I have stacked together like so many standing-stones. Buried in the design is a very tiny ancient lapis bead from Asia Minor added for that mystical touch, that symbolic 'ties that bind' those of us who are so drawn to beads now and in the long-distant past.

Three bright sterling daisy charms pepper 'Renoir's Afternoon' along with Swarovski sterling & clear crystal rondelles, a thick sterling ring and a vast range of Swarovski crystals in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. 

'Renoir Afternoon,' measures just a tad under 7.5 inches. A 6 inch wrist ought to fit well without being too tight and with just the right amount of slack to make it comfortable and considering the density (but not a heavy weight) of the bracelet. "Renoir Afternoon" can be re-sized at no additional fee as this is a relatively straightforward task to complete. One resizing upon purchase is included in the price, however should subsequent adjustments be required, an additional fee of $50 to cover postage, time & materials will be charged.

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"A Heart is a Heart is a...Bicycle'"A Heart is a Heart is a...Bicycle'"A Heart is a Heart is a...Bicycle'
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#7777 "A Heart is a Heart is a...Bicycle'

'A Heart is a Heart is ... a Bicycle' is a dazzler!  The feast of bright sterling silver - in the form the brilliant double-chain, and the charms, beads, spacers, the slender, edgy & rouge heart-connector,  I admit that I shy away from designing holiday-themed pieces...I'm stubborn like that.  So often, I'm in a Valentines Day frame-of-mind in the very early Fall while dining at Casanova's in Carmel or it is Halloween and yet I am feeling the ghostly vibe in mid-Spring when looking at YouTube videos of famous historic hauntings at the White House or feeling like snowflakes on the 4th of July, if I am sailing in the middle of a snowy fjord up in Glacier Bay National Park.  So...this year, I have only one design to offer up:  'A Heart is a Heart is...a Bicycle' - a title that reminds me of a similar discordant title about a fish.  Anyway, this is the perfect Valentines Day bracelet for any girl who is also a bike-diva, a gal who takes to the mountains or the hills or to hilltowns of Medieval Italy or France and does so without a second thought.  This red bike charming bracelet is just the piece for that girl.

'A Heart is a Heart...' is a 3 strand wrap bracelet and includes loads of sterling silver - three pieces of hand-cast, old-wax studio silver including a fetching 'Love' rectangle tag in the style of 'A Love Story' fame; the edgy studio connector made with 5 hearts, each of them unique in a gorgeous line-up and finally, a hammered heart toggle.  There are is also a fantastic real anatomical heart charm with arteries, veins and looking like a V-8 engine, more than a real human heart.  But, I think it is the real heart charm that really makes the bracelet in its theme of all things heart - a small, bright silver heart dangles from mid-center of one of the three strands.  The companion to the anatomical heart charm is the red & sterling red bicycle charm since there can be no love unless there is a healthy, working heart and aerobic exercise to make it so.

No Valentine theme would be complete without a beautiful deep red heart and on one strand is just that heart - rich, French red glossy heart surrounded by lots of bright sterling and a petite white lentil made by an esteemed glass artist trained in Florence, Italy.  Other lampwork includes an elegant white encased bead with sterling droplets fired into the glass, an encased polka dot bead with a red core and white polka dots; a white daisy-on-red round bead and several lampwork disc beads in reds, metallic reds with flashes of iridescent fuschia, white, polka-dot encased discs, etched (like beach glass) discs.  Other beads include wavy sterling discs & beadcaps, lush Keishi pearls, a handsome natural Baroque pearl, blue-fire flash faceted rondelles of a few sizes, Swarovski crystals in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, including the sterling & crystal Swarovski rondelle beads.  The last elegant touch are a few delicately faceted blue topaz rondelle stones.

An original design - this is surely a Valentine meant to impress, to dazzle and to win a Bike Diva Girl's heart - whether she is a real bike-diva or... just one at heart.  'A Heart is a Heart is ... a Bicycle' measures 8.25" and can be resized at no additional charge.




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'Storm at Sechelt''Storm at Sechelt''Storm at Sechelt'
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#11127 'Storm at Sechelt'

The seaside town of Sechelt is a traditionally a fuel-stop enroute to Earl's Cove,  the second ferrry terminal on Highway 101 North in B.C., Canada. Normally, on our trip north to 'camp' (Savary Island), it is a jam to be first off the first ferry, hitting the road, going to the max allowed speed limit, taking all the old-timer secret short-cuts just to get that much closer to Earl's Cove, an hour away, where we catch the final ferry in our race north, on the Sunshine Coast.  We have been making the journey since I was five years old, most every summer, as we drove north from the S.F. Bay Area to our summer cabin in Canada.  But Sechelt, aside from being an understated Sausalito, CA or Newport, OR  is also a town that opens, exposed, to a wilder stretch of the inland passage (Georgia Strait) between B.C.'s mainland and the length of Vancouver Island.  As such, when a southwester blows in, the seas can be especially tempestuous and wild, causing many a small vessel to toss about like a small toy, especially if  boats are caught off-guard or if the weather arrives ahead of schedule.  Such was the case when my newly married parents took their classic cabin-cruiser, the Graycine out for an overnight trip in the 'honeymoon' years before having children.  The storm on this particular weekend was wicked, wild and the boat's engine suddenly quit, its engine engulfed with 'drink' and utterly disengaged from power.  There was no fixing it, especially in the dangerous high seas.  Even the radio had quit and darkness was upon them. My mother, a city-girl and land-lover, quietly wept in the galley as my strong & able father attached the dingy to the bow and started rowing his new wife and the Graycine through the pouring rain, high winds and the fierce, high waves ... until at last they reached the breakwater at the small marina in Sechelt.  It is a story my mom liked to tell every other year as we passed through Sechelt, stopping to gas-up at the only gas station in town.  Such, is the muse and backstory to 'Storm at Sechelt.'

'Storm at Sechelt' is a gallery-calibre 3-strand wrap bracelet made entirely of studio lampwork beads, gemstones, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. Another LUXE design, this is a complex bracelet design in the 'spirit' genre; a complex design invoking the wild moving, alive energy of a wicked-good storm and all that means in terms of life and dancing with death when mariners are caught unprepared.  Only those who know how to be one with the sea and weather can hope to ride out such a storm, much less save a damsel in distress. 

This piece, as with others  of my LUXE collection,  is awash in top-flight artisan lampwork beads (by 8 different artists both here and abroad) and components. Starting with the magnificent tidepool-under-tempestuous-waves bead as the focal point around which all the other beads unify to make a piece of living sculptural jewelry.  The German artist responsible for the tidepool focal is especially gifted at creating beads as microcosms of a greater whole - whether it is a pond, a meadow, a forest or a tidepool.  She is able to capture the spirit of being alive in her work with molten glass and we are all the better for it.  Companion beads include the work of another gifted glass artist and her interpretation of stormy seas under a skeleton sun overhead of the storm.  Other lampwork of note is a textured round bead with glass portals popping out as pods which is done in a light mint green, cream, light bronze and clear, like an abstract anemone of a tidepool.  You will also find several textured, small organic encased rounds, other rounds etched like beach glass and sand-colored beads with dimples and lines of sterling silver.  Among my favorite second-string lampwork are the round, smooth white beads with tiny drops of bright sterling silver embedded deep within the still, cold glass.  These beautifully created lampwork beads are so elegant that using them in any design automatically sets the whole piece in a league of its own. "Storm at Sechelt" incorporates lots of lovely, sensual and edgy precious and semi-precious gemstones which include:  Blue-fire flash moonstone rondelles, chips of aqua colored apatite in two shades, one more transparent and the other, a more milky shade of aqua. Creamy colored keishi pearls and Baroque pearls capped in white sterling beadcaps lend elegance and depth to 'Storm at Sechelt' along with smooth, large faceted nuggets of clear quartz. Blue-fire laboradite flashes in small coin beads, adding the perfect contrasting color to a sea under siege from the winds and storm above. Over 50 sterling silver braided, plain rings & beadcaps, wavy silver discs, daisy spacers pepper the three strands, providing that bright, silver flash in the midst of so much color - much like the silver-on-the-sea on a too sunny day at the sea when the light is almost blinding as it comes off the water.  Three solid sterling charms complete 'Storm at Sechelt' and include a detailed lighthouse and its keeper's cottage, a schooner under sail and a wee sea turtle who hangs on a bright sterling chain at the junction of the three strands.  'Storm at Sechelt' is finished with a sterling silver lobster clasp and receptacle set and measures just under 9 inches in length.  Because of the dynamics of the 3-strand wrap design, with three strands parallel to each other in close proximity, the measurement must take into account certain bulk of the beads (though not weight, thankfully).  My 7 inch wrist fits this 8.75 inch bracelet perfectly without being too tight and with just the right amount of slack to make it comfortable.   



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'Koi Pond Origami Day''Koi Pond Origami Day''Koi Pond Origami Day'
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#712 'Koi Pond Origami Day'

'Koi Pond Origami Day' reminds me of the time, many years ago, when I went to hear His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, speak at the Greek Theatre on the campus of U.C. Berkeley, my alma mater. The Greek Theatre was packed to the gills and after an electric hour, hearing the Dalai Lama speak, I thought to skip the Tibetan dance performance and get ahead of the crowds, flocking out of the Greek and into the day's commute hour. As I stood on the sidewalk just outside the Greek, waiting to cross the street to cut through campus, someone yelled, 'there he is!' As if in slow motion, I looked up and came face-to-face with His Holiness, who was hanging out of his limo window, smiling and looking right into my eyes. I said, 'well, hello there!' as if he was a long, lost neighbor. After the limo had passed, bystanders rushed up to me, exclaiming, 'boy you were sure at the right place, at the right time!' It was a moment etched in time that I shall never forget. And I remember that morning dressing so carefully in a long, cream lace dress, oiling my skin and announcing to the office that I had dressed up to see His Holiness. Co-workers scoffed, 'Julie! He will never see you, the Greek is going to be packed with 100,000 people!' Guess they were wrong and the fates had different plans.
In any case, 'Koi Pond Origami Day' reminds me of just that moment frozen in time and the warmth and humility of a holy man living his words, walking his talk. Truly a feeling of peace and joy radiated from the slow-moving long, black limo and the happy, smiling face of a sacred man, greeting me on a Berkeley sidewalk, one warm summer's day.
So..the beads. These are some of the most stunning sculptural beads you might hope to find called, "Koi Pond.' The gifted glass artist rarely makes them anymore and I was very fortunate to luck into a set of them. When I sat down to create a piece around these beads, I honestly had no idea I was going to go for broke and make such a fun, colorful blend of colors around the otherwise serene scene of the beads. "Koi Pond Origami Day' is a wrap-styled bracelet comprised of three strands of stone, gemstones, freshwater Baroque pearls, Austrian Swarovski crystal, sterling silver and studio crafted lampwork beads by over 9 different artists located both here, in Germany and the UK.
Companion beads include
* Large blue-flash moonstone faceted nuggets
* Faceted amethyst rondelles in large and small sizes
* Petite faceted pink amethyst nuggets from Brazil
* Gorgeous faceted peridot slender nuggets
* Faceted cubic zirconia teardrop beads
* Bold orange carnelian nugget
* Luscious, creamy freshwater baroque pearls
* Rouge sterling silver rings (large & small) by a metal artisan using the old wax technique
* Sterling silver work by Thailand's famous Karen Hilltribe artisans including the origami box, closed lotus flower beads & bead caps
* Sterling silver Buddha, temple & bright silver flower charms
* A Garden Soup of nationally & internationally handmade lampwork beads!
"Koi Pond Origami Day" measures 8 inches, however because of its design, cannot be resized. However, although each piece I design is a one-of-a-kind, I can create a custom order using beads from the same lampwork bead sets from the artist whose work I still have 'on file' in my studio. Although it will not be an exact duplicate of 'Koi Pond Origami Day,' I can create something very, very close to the original design. 
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"Daisy Days""Daisy Days""Daisy Days"
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#312 "Daisy Days"

"Daisy Days" is another of my newer designs from my Simple Luxe Collection. This piece is a lampwork, gemstone 'wrap' or three-strand bracelet. That is, three strands of lampwork, stones, gems, white & regular sterling (925) and some lovely sterling charms including: a small rogue handmade 'DAISY' charm created by a local gifted artist using the old-wax casting technique. The same metalsmith also completed the dainty rouge-daisy toggle clasp made of solid sterling. Stunning pure white, clear & red/white studio lampwork beads (*at least 12 individual lampwork beads) were created by six esteemed lampwork artists living here and abroad and make up 'Daisy Days.' You will find a magnificent 'spankle' white round with swirls of white punctuated by real sterling droplets of silver encased in the glass. The swirls of white look like a moving scarf in the wind. These spankle beads are an original design of a gifted English artist. Her beads are difficult to come by as she sells most of her work locally. Also of note, are the clear/white bubble beads - like bubbles of water trapped under glass. The focal set of lampwork are created by the ever-talented, Catherine Steele. These include her encased red, clear & white daisy lentils & her actual daisy sculptural beads. I never tire of working with her daisy encased beads and as I was longing for full-on Spring this weekend, this seemed like the perfect time to pull out her cheerful daisy lentils set.
The piece is punctuated with AAA faceted quartz nuggets, freshwater Baroque & button, red furnace heart beads by the esteemed furnace glass artist Christensen, a large faceted chunky moonstone nugget and slim rondelles which flashes blue in just the right light and lots of white sterling findings, clear, red, opaque Swarovski crystal beads, sterling silver beads and accents. 'Daisy Days' is an elegant landscape of cascading beads for the season of unfolding green and color spots as gardens around the country start to offer up early blooms, preparing for an abundant, happy growing season (non-GMO seeds, of course).* For those unfamiliar with 'lampwork' beads - these are individual works of glass art created by gifted artists using rods of glass and a torch. There is a whole collectors' world of lampwork bead enthusiasts along with designers who use them in their jewelry work. Although some lampwork beads are now made en masse in China and beyond, my designs use only lampwork created by top-flight studio artists.As a quick aside, I read just yesterday that a color trend of Spring, 2012 is a pure and 'blinding' white. I must admit I was swooning when I saw an elegant, silk, flowing suit - perfectly tailored on a tall, elegant young woman. It is nice to see the pure color of white 'on trend' again!'Daisy Days' measures a firm 8.25 inches with very little give - this particular design is meant to have a snug fit as three separate strands against the wrist, quite unlike my signature dangle designs or my playful 2 strand wrap design. An 8.25 inch bracelet would best fit someone with a 6.50 or 6.75 inch wrist.
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'Sea Turtle...Come Away''Sea Turtle...Come Away''Sea Turtle...Come Away'
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#423 'Sea Turtle...Come Away'

The muse behind 'Sea Turtle, Come Away' is the beautiful, spare sterling sea turtle charm along with a lyrical lampwork tile bead done in watercolor-shades (turquoise, blue, teal, purple, green & white) of a tropical sea and cluttered with some of earth's most lovely stones.  During the dim, darker days of early winter in Northern California, I am seeking the sea and I revel in memories of warmer water where the sea turtles swim. 

The primitive & simple sea turtle charm is surrounded by magnificent, colorful semi-precious gemstones and pearls as well as small,  organic, hand-shaped glass beads.  There is also one purple 'spankle' round bead created by a talented British artist who torches sterling silver into thick clear glass over a core of purple and looking like a piece of the beautiful starry cosmos above us. It  is this collection of studio beads, earthly stones and sterling that bring  'Sea Turtle, Come Away,'  to its form. Glossy Baroque, Keishi & button pearls, gentle green amethyst, moss green and ice blue aquamarine, AAA blue-flash moonstone, cubic zirconia teardrops, lime green peridot, sleeping beauty turquoise and Caribbean blue apatite which dangle & collect like so much iridescent sea water around the sea turtle charm, sparkling in nearly 40 flashes of color, texture and earthy glow.  A perfectly hand-cast bail  is made by a talented local metal artist using the old-wax technique and sterling to create a sturdy, handsome pendant/necklace bail. I have strung the pendant on weathered leather cord.  The pendant of 'Sea Turtle Come Away' is just over 4.5 inches in length.  Taken together, the necklace measures @ 20" and the leather cord can, of course, be swapped out for other necklace or chain options should you choose different looks for different days or events.

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'Tuolumne Afternoon''Tuolumne Afternoon''Tuolumne Afternoon'
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#22798 'Tuolumne Afternoon'

The muse behind 'Tuolumne Afternoon' are the warm and perfectly patterned deep red round bead set. These remind me of the famous, warm boiled wool blankets of Canada's Hudson Bay Company. That made me think of our more local Yosemite and the High Sierra in general during much of the year when evenings are chilly and the sky is punctuated with brilliant stars. From there I added in a marvelous cabin charm with a generous front porch and soon I was back in Yosemite or in Calavaras Big Trees in Stanislaus National Forest. I added in the amazing sculptural red poppies (looking very much like Iceland Poppies) to celebrate Tuolumne Meadows gorgeous springtime display of wild flowers and including masses of radiant poppies.

But it all began with the deep red lampwork set and the warm feeling at thought of a heavy wool blanket on an ice cold forest night.In any case, 'Tuolumne Afternoon' is a blessed piece, a piece de' resistance, a tour de force of colors of forest, blanket, sky and meadow and most especially the extraordinary lampwork beads which were created by 8 different gifted glass artists both here and abroad.The focal lampwork round beads are by an especially gifted American artist who has quickly become one of my favorites. Not only is the red round set her work, but also the whimsical turquoise and red beads which share her signature design point in what I term, 'mystic portals,' or thick, encased glass over a core of color and detailed on the surface surface with scrolls and chunky 'portals' of glass. They are beautiful and curious to look at and feel so good to explore and touch. Other lampwork beads by more cherished, gifted artists are as follows:* Organic rounds in blues & green * Organic rounds in red *Glossy fern green hollow round orbs, like meadow orbs * Transparent encased turquoise lampwork discs,* Turquoise, polka dot discs * Petaled lampwork poppies in shades of a rich shade of red with a black glass center * Watery red organic cubes* Blistered red transparent donut beads, *Small red/orange stout poppy beads *Lampwork green leaves.Aside from this magnificent blend of artisan glass, you will also find faceted clear quartz briolettes * Sleeping Beauty turquoise beads entwined with Hilltribe sterling droplet beads * Elegant baroque pearls * One large faceted Sleeping Beauty turquoise briolette * Freshwater button pearls * Swarovski in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes * Bali silver beads, bead caps and a handsome Hilltribe sterling round toggle along with small droplet beads in pure sterling. An artisan sterling tag with the word 'Be' on it * a cabin and snowsled charm completes 'Tuolumne Afternoon' which measures 7.5" in length and can be resized to any length without sacrificing design.'Tuolumne Afternoon' is an elegant, lyrical & beautiful piece in colors at once vibrant and alive reminding us all how wondrous our world is and how fantastic it is to be a part of the magical 'blue planet,' and most especially when in the mountain-fresh air and in the deep majesty & mystery of our High Sierra forests.

P.S. I looked up the origin of the word, 'Tuolumne' and it is a word native to the local California tribes of the Sierra and means 'many stone houses,' which I thought coincidental since the design was centered around thoughts of a forest mountain cabin in the High Sierras of California.
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"Pink Ice  Winter Wonderful!'"Pink Ice  Winter Wonderful!'"Pink Ice  Winter Wonderful!'
Click image for detail

#22661 "Pink Ice Winter Wonderful!'

I am happy to announce that I have been working on a more spare bracelet design using a double strand, similar to a wrap. It won't ever threaten to overtake my signature style, but is a wonderful addition to my collection. And, although I have the most wonderful loyal group of repeat clients for my lush, chaotic, luxe lampwork dangle has occurred to me that perhaps not everyone wants that much detail. Sometimes, for some folks, less is truly more. So, I am working with a design of two standed lampwork bracelets without copious dangles. The quality and the high-end beads/findings are the same, but the design is more spare and to-the-point. And, with luck, the price tag will be more manageable.

I work with a loyal, talented, top-notch group of lampwork artists both here and abroad, I am always on the look-out for new, cutting-edge, original glass designers. Recently, I came upon a lampwork artist whose work captivated and thrilled me to the core. Her signature design-point is what I call, 'mystic portals,' which are generous, raised bumps or round, plump circles of glass on the surface of a lampwork bead, often transparent and encased making for a complex & gorgeous bead. That said, I cannot seem to get enough of them and have designs stored to the ceiling in my head. The set I use here, is done in soft, luminous shades of pink, white and clear. Like a snowstorm, there are textures in the shape of ribbons, dots, portals all on an encased transparent pink glass over a pink core. Truly elegant. This set reminds me of a snowflake fairytale with all the secret nooks and crannies of a feminine, enchanted snowscape.
Companion beads are equally lovely & whimsical and created by other talented English & American glass artists. You will find uber-elegant 'spankle' beads - thick clear encased over a white core with wisps of white and sterling embossed droplets, buried into the glass, like so much finery. Beautiful, original work. There is also an ice cube focal, high grade baroque pearls, AAA quality blue-fire moonstone, organic encased pink/purple beads, lots of sparkling faceted quartz, Swarovski crystals in a variety of shapes and sizes, a chunky pink open square lampwork bead and lots of bright sterling silver rings, bead caps with Hilltribe and Bali beads in solid silver. Elegant and feminine for a pink winter's eve, wandering in the snow or in the village enroute to a party or just on a brisk walk. 'Pink Ice' is a gorgeous, sparkling artisan design meant to lighten your heart, your step and your spirit through the coming season of snow!
'Pink Ice' measures a tad over 8.5 inches in length and can be resized at no additional fee. This style is meant to be worn more loosely, more casually so the two strands inter-cross and mingle and move up and down your lower arm and not so tethered to your wrist. However, if you prefer a more snug fit, just let me know when I handle the length adjustment.
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'The Christmas Apple'  ON SUPER SALE!'The Christmas Apple'  ON SUPER SALE!'The Christmas Apple'  ON SUPER SALE!
Click image for detail

#27956 'The Christmas Apple' ON SUPER SALE!

The muse of 'The Christmas Apple' is an apple lampwork bead I came upon - the first and only apple I have ever seen from a glass studio.  I snapped it up and wished there were a dozen more! "The Christmas Apple' incorporates the lampwork beads of several international glass artists, spanning from the USA to England and on to Israel!
The central set of lampwork beads are by a recent 'find' - an American artist whose signature style is what I call 'mystic portals,' beads encased with a thick layer of glass, with interesting portals of glass peppering the bead surface along with interesting scrolls & ribbons - narrow lines of glass, snaking around the perimeter. Her bead designs inspire idea after idea in their whimsy and perfection. This set is a holiday set done in apple red, lime green, green and white with candy stripe ribbons and red polka dots sticking up like cheerful snowberries and include the round beads seen in the bracelet base as well as the three 3-D flowers which are simply sublime.  This set is paired with companion lampwork by an artist who makes these wonderful 'bubble' lampwork beads - done in bubbly green. Extraordinary work and full of great spirit and joy for the upcoming season. More companion lampwork beads used to create, 'The Christmas Apple,' include:
* Teal & Mint green 3D lampwork flowers and two colors of leaves
* White bumpy dot mini lampwork beads like so many snowballs
* White polka dot lampwork discs
* Green lampwork square spacers - so unusual and spirited
* Gorgeous red cranberry rounds and one larger bumpy clear bead
* Lime green hollow orbs, like fisherman net floaters
* A peppermint lampwork sculptural bead
* One lampwork ice block lampwork bead
* One amazing red apple
You will also find faceted quartz stone faceted briolettes; clear, faceted quartz cubes; elegant big freshwater Baroque pearls; faceted quartz rondelles; cranberry colored furnace beads by the esteemed David Christensen;  sterling silver daisy spacers and snowflake spacers by Bali & Hilltribe silversmiths along with a charming sterling silver  spacer beads, white sterling beadcaps and rings.  Sterling silver charms include a holly leaf, an ornate snow sled, a santa head and a wreath. The toggle clasp is made by a local silversmith who uses the old wax technique and echos the star pattern of the main flowers of the bracelet.
'The Christmas Apple' measures @ 8.5 inches in length and can be adjusted to most any bracelet length for no additional fee, aside from return postage.
'The Christmas Apple' is a luxe winter holiday piece - for all the holiday parties, for 'Puttin' on the Ritz' and taking the town by storm, in heels and a 'little black dress,' or in a group of carolers, all dressed in cozy woolen mittens, caps and scarves ~ watching your breath in the cold air, drinking hot cider and reveling in the joy of being alive, being together & giving thanks for the season of spiritual and celestial birth.
Note that all my photos are taken in natural lighting. I tend to wait until the late afternoon when I can capture the depth and texture of the piece and the individual shine and angles of each bead. 
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'The Christmas Door''The Christmas Door''The Christmas Door'
Click image for detail

#29772 'The Christmas Door'

Tis' the season....
 I have no idea where my early holiday design muse came from, but I found myself giddy at the thought of creating my first holiday design of the season.  I think it was the moving sterling holiday door charm.  The wreathed door opens and inside it says, 'Merry Xmas!'.  I always loved tiny things that would move, open, close...when I was a toddler. Anyway, this is a LUXE bracelet design, composed of some amazing lampwork and equally amazing gemstones.  It is called 'The Christmas Door'   and is my habit,  incorporates the lampwork beads of several artists, perhaps the most prominent being Heather Davis, a gifted American artist along with several equally talented  glass artists.
So..the beads.  One of my recent 'finds' is a woman whose signature bead design is what I refer to as 'mystic portals;' beads that have encased bumps and dots and swirls on the surface of an equally intriguing core, usually under thick, transparent glass.   This is her first holiday set and it is a set of clear glass over a red, white & mint green core with portals and bumpies in the same color blends.  She is also the artist of the large sculptural peppermint focal lampwork flower and the cheerful peppermint discs.  I matched her set with some elegant clear scroll rounds by Heather Davis - beads she made at my suggestion as clear, scroll beads will always set a design off with a certain staid elegance and also punctuate beads of color inherent in the overall design.  I could use 100 of her gorgeous scroll beads - she does them so beautifully.
Companion lampwork beads include:
*  Green & white petaled 3D daisies 
* White polka dots on deep red lampwork discs
* Gorgeous clear encased red pebbles by an uber-talented European artist
* Mint Green hollow lampwork balls by a gifted American artist
* White bumpy snowball lampwork beads by another American artist
Other beads & semi-precious gemstones include: 
* Moss-green Aquamarine stone rondelles (very elegant)
* Generous AAA faceted Brazilian Green Amethyst nuggets
* Amazing AAA blue-fire flash clear moonstone rondelles (really magical in the sunlight)
* Swarovski crystals in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, including bright French red, faceted cubes
* Thai Hilltribe white sterling snowflake spacers and white silver coil beads
* Thai Hilltribe solid sterling silver (.997 purity) round & triangle beads
* Bali silver daisy spacers
* Sterling wreath charm created 
* Sterling holiday door charm
* Sterling rogue handcrafted star toggle using the old wax technique for casting silver, handmade by an American artist
'The Christmas Door' measures just over 8.5 inches and can be resized for no additional charge. 
This piece, 'The Christmas Door' is one of those gallery pieces , like the famous 'Dublin Doors' of greeting cards & posters and the place itself - a city with the most interesting doors around.  Taken all together, 'The Christmas Door' is a Christmas-trendy piece, with the more vintage mint-green rather than forest-green and with plenty of elegant clear or white or blue-fire to create a show-stopping effect whether at an uptown holiday party or at a coffee house on a cold winter's night.  'The Christmas Door' is bound to light up the season.
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'Love Letters''Love Letters''Love Letters'
Click image for detail

#227653 'Love Letters'

I'm in a black and white state of mind...
 This one is called 'Love Letters' and though I think 'love' is rarely black and white or cut-and-dried, the black and white theme of the piece reminds me of the days of the past, when love letters written by hand, were sent in the mail or by courier or by wire and telegraph.  The same 'old' days of black and white in film and photograph, each image carefully rendered, positioned and caught, like a fleeting dragonfly.  I remember my own 'love letters,' one in particular from a tall, handsome neighbor I had named, "Adonis.'  I was smitten with him (or more accurately, with his amazing garage which was beautifully organized with canoes, skiis, camping gear, a backpack).  I remember after returning from a trip abroad to explore the lake district & fjords of Chile and on to the Antarctic peninsula, returning home and finding a letter from him, written on stationary with watercolor salmon fish, saying he wanted to get to know me better.  My knees almost buckled, in the rain, at my mail-box, that dark November afternoon.   I was so newly smitten, I forgot my 'new' Greek God, the expedition leader on board the 'World Discoverer.'   Anyway...I digress.  'Love Letters' - is a reminder of a rich past which still email or text message.  Alas.  From my last boyfriend, I have a stack of precious email print-outs.  Hardly the same, but still words of love.  And I suppose that is all the really matters.  "Love Letters' incorporates the lampwork beads of several international glass artists, spanning from the USA to England and on to Israel!
The central set of lampwork beads are by a recent 'find' - an American artist whose signature style is what I call 'mystic portals,' beads encased with a thick layer of glass, with interesting portals of glass peppering the bead surface along with interesting scrolls & ribbons - narrow lines of glass, snaking around the perimeter.  Her bead designs inspire idea after idea in their whimsy and perfection. This set is black, white & clear which is paired with companion lampwork by a wonderful English artist who makes these wonderful 'bubble' lampwork beads - transparent glass over a core of black and cluttered with bubbles of shadow & glass.  Extraordinary work and so mysterious and strange.    More companion lampwork beads used to create, 'Love Letters,' include:
*  Black & white  3D flowers in different sizes and by two different artists
* Black, white & clear polka dot disc lampwork beads
* Etched black & clear polka dot round minis
* Small, clear lampwork ice cubes  
Perhaps most amazing to me of the beads, findings and stones used in 'Love Letters,' are the mesmerizing, blue-fire flash AAA quality moonstone.  I have used over a dozen of these stones throughout the bracelet for that unexpected flash of blue as the bracelet shifts in the daylight.  It is a beautiful surprise to see Mother Nature's own 'bling.'  If you notice a blue flash in the photos above, it is the moonstone.
You will also find black onyx stone faceted briolettes, clear, faceted quartz cubes, freshwater coin pearls, solid sterling silver triangles & stars from Thailand's Hilltribe silversmiths along with a charming hammered white sterling puffy heart.  Bali silver beads punctuate the bracelet throughout.  The focal point of 'Love Letters,' is two sterling letter charms and two small heart 'rings' at the bracelet ends.  Along with the toggle clasp, these sterling hearts are made by the lost wax technique of silver-work and are by an American artist.
'Love Letters' measures 7.5 inches in length and can be adjusted to most any bracelet length for no additional fee, aside from return postage.
'Love Letters' is a luxe winter holiday piece - for all the holiday parties, for 'Puttin' on the Ritz' and taking the town by storm, in heels and a 'little black dress,' and with the man of your beloved letters on your arm, spelling out the beauty & love of all ages.
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'The Seal at Fern Harbor''The Seal at Fern Harbor''The Seal at Fern Harbor'
Click image for detail

#22411 'The Seal at Fern Harbor'

Some of my most prized sterling charms & findings are those done by a renowned silver artist who works in the 'lost' wax technique. Her work is superb and adds a rouge character to any design. As such, I lucked into this very solid little fellow - a beautifully abstract sterling seal. I have been waiting for just the right composition to include him in and I think I have found it in 'Fern Harbor.' I made up the name, 'Fern Harbor,' since the bracelet reminded me of the lush harbors and marinas of the Pacific Northwest where ferns drip from forested hillsides at the water's edge. Then I Googled 'Fern Harbor' and found that there is just such a place in Alaska! I could not have been more pleased - it is in Glacier Bay National Park, a place I have had the great good fortune to explore with my children for a solid week of near solitude on a private charter, dropping in and out of sheltered bays and seeing the famous glaciers up close, along with the bear and mountain goat.
In any case, 'The Seal at Fern Harbor' is a blessed piece, a piece de' resistance, a tour de force of colors of sea & forest, sky and fern and most especially the extraordinary lampwork beads which were created by 7 different gifted glass artists both here and abroad.. The focal lampwork lentil beads are by the esteemed artist, Catherine Steele, one of my favorite glass artists. When this set of beads arrived, I just about fell off my chair. These are the beads of summertime at the sea, rich & detailed tidepools under glass with sand, surf and sea urchins and dots of shining sterling. She calls them 'Ocean Within' and I can't think of a better name. They are so magnificently done; as if the sea is alive under the layer of clear, glossy glass. Sharing the 'stage' are equally imaginative beads by another American artist whose signature design is what I call, 'mystic portals,' that is, thick, encased glass over a core of color(s) and detailed on the surface with scrolls and chunky 'portals' of glass. They are beautiful and curious to look at and feel so good to explore and touch. Other lampwork beads by more cherished, gifted artists are as follows:* Organic rounds in blues & turquoise 
* Glossy fern green hollow round orbs, like vintage Japanese fisherman netted, round floaters  
* Transparent turquoise fillegree lampwork rounds done in swirls of rich glass color 
* Turquoise polka dot discs 
* 3D petaled lampwork flowers in shades of blue 
* Two stunning etched seashells done to perfection by
 C. Steele 
* Two larger drooping bluebelles in cobalt blue and a lighter shade from a talented Israeli artist 
* Lampwork green leaves 
* The large focal 3D flower in blues & lime green (TDF!)
Aside from this magnificent blend of artisan glass, you will also find faceted green amethyst and iolite nuggets, Swarovski crystals in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, artisan sterling silver tube beads, a lighthouse charm and of course, the seal charm. Hilltribe & Bali sterling silver rings, pins, daisy spacers punctuate the piece throughout and finally a thick, sterling square Bali silver toggle clasp. 'The Seal of Fern Harbor' measures 7.5" in length and can be resized to any length without sacrificing design. 'The Seal of Fern Harbor' is an elegant, lyrical & beautiful piece in colors at once vibrant and alive reminding us all how wondrous our world is and how fantastic it is to be a part of the magical 'blue planet,' and most especially the sea and the deep majesty & mystery of our forests.
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'Carmel Beach, II''Carmel Beach, II''Carmel Beach, II'
Click image for detail

#2100 'Carmel Beach, II'

Several weekends back we went to Carmel on a quick day trip. There is *something* about Carmel, a beautiful other worldliness which begins as you drive down Ocean Avenue. The colorful locals, the hanging flower baskets, the old pine trees, the posh shops including my favorite - the Coach bag shop (has a wonderful clearance section), faux cobbled streets & lanes, the heritage houses, finally ending at the world's most beautiful village beach, especially at sunset. It is like entering a different world, set so apart from the common reality and it is nice to step into that world, if only for an hour or two which is why Carmel is the muse behind this piece, yet again.

'Carmel Beach, II' is comprised almost entirely of lampwork beads.  Beads created by torch and glass rod in an artist's studio.  I have used the work of 7 different lampwork artists, located both her and in Europe.  As a designer, I love to combine the lampwork of different artists in one piece and see what I can compose ~ hoping for feeling,  memory, daydream or a call to action (lets go to the beach!).

The focal lampwork beads are a muse by and of themselves.  Mystic portals of glass bumps and swirls; glass bubbles caught perfectly by design in the middle, like space ships, like sea creatures or almost like the blue planet itself, punctuated by small snow globes.  A set of these glorious beads are the focal of 'Carmel Beach, II' and are created by an esteemed American glass artist.  She is one of my more recent 'finds' and I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of her work, lest she disappear. These are the beads of summertime at the beach, the alluring colors of lime and aqua and turquoise never fails to woo the senses into remembering a special time on the water.

Other featured lampwork includes:
* Marvelous organic small spacer beads in cobalt, green, clear & turquoise
* Retro polka dot slices by the talented Melanie of BeadIntrigue
* A set of aqua/green small rounds by one of my favorites, Melanie of Glass Valley
* Small lentils by a Florence-trained glass artist done in cobalt, green & white
* Larger organic rounds by a gifted European artist whose speciality are 'pebbles'
* Focal Boho 5 petaled flower - sculptural lampwork!
* Two dark aqua thick, but hollow old Japanese fisherman's floater-balls (another retro touch)

A few glass furnace beads by esteemed cane artist, David Christensen along with some Sleeping Beauty turqouise beads which are couched between sterling silver Hilltribe droplets adding just the right *pop*.  Finally, a few solid sterling triangles looking like so many sailboats finish the piece with a gorgeous, hammered sterling toggle clasp by the Hilltribe artisans.

With such lovely lampwork beads in hand this is a piece for the summertime; for parties on decks overlooking the sea, silver with sunshine.   'Carmel Beach, II' measures a tad over 8 inches (perfect for a 7 inch wrist) and can be resized at no charge.

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'Acorns & Ravens''Acorns & Ravens''Acorns & Ravens'
Click image for detail

#9924 'Acorns & Ravens'

'Acorns & Ravens' or Autumn Harvest is awash with the lampwork of several top-flight studio artists, almost like an art glass harvest itself!  This is a design I have been putting together in my mind for weeks, centered around the stunning handcrafted grape harvest sterling toggle.  The uber talented, published metal artist uses the old wax technique to create one-of-a-kind, edgy, elegant & interesting sterling toggles and charms.  As it was, I was planning to start my Autumn design line sometime in September, when the colder mornings and evenings starting whispering 'Autumn.'  However, we have had a fantastically mild summer in Northern California and already, in mid-August, I can feel the Autumn in the air.  My first inclination was to find the lampwork beads in my design from my enormous library and set to work.  Needless to say, I have spent days on this piece, luxuriating in the Fall and thinking of the fabulous Napa valley nearby, the smells of Autumn and later the winds and chill of the coming winter, after Halloween.
I consider Catherine Steele's grape harvest lentils the focal beads of this piece, considering the theme. Catherine is known and regarded for her stunning sculptural lampwork beads and these are among my many favorites of her work.  Pristine is the only word to describe the detail and care she puts into every bead.  Secondary to her lentils are the stunning tubular beads by Jennifer Powers.
 I use two of her beads in concert with Catherine's work and they are elegant, edgy  and modern in design.  I spend hours looking for bead artists, whose work I consider original and apart from the crowd.  Jennifer Powers definitely fits that bill.  These are two of her deep amber, transparent tubular beads, sketched with light green and purple lines and drizzled with pink, peach & violet bumps with one encircled with gold bumpies.  Jennifer is also the artist of the purple/pink and gold discs, dangling from the bracelet and the organic, mauve colored rounds at the bracelet's end.The lampwork, all taken together, is a mesmerizing combination, especially in concert with the lampwork acorns and royal purple tulips.
The lampwork acorns are the work of a talented Australian artist who I can always count on for sculptural acorns.  The purple tulips are done by Heather Davis and are part of her signature collection. No one makes perfect lampwork tulips like Heather.  These are a rich, dark purple color, with each petal formed to perfection.

In composing 'Acorns & Ravens,' I created my design in colors around the lampwork beads using semi-precious gemstones,  sterling Bali beads and other  beads. You will find:
* Luminous, AAA faceted ice-blue aquamarine rondelles
* Light Baltic amber chips, couched with Hilltribe sterling droplets
* Gorgeous, chunky Amethyst rondelles
* Light green faceted Chalcedony briolettes
* Violet faceted quartz heart briolettes
* Forest green faceted quartz heart briolettes

*Swarovski in a variety of shapes colors & sizes
* Faceted Swarovski cubes in vintage pink
* Lampwork spacers in lilac
* Amber lampwork leaves by artist, Heather of her studio Bead Intrigue
*  Bali silver daisy spacers & tube beads
* A sterling raven, oak leaf and grape bunch charm

'Acorns & Ravens' is a piece meant to celebrate the bounty and good fortune of our plentiful earth and locally grown produce.  It celebrates fine wines from Italy, France to South Africa and New Zealand to say nothing of California.  It is a piece to wear while revelling in the dramatic beauty of the Fall and the changing colors, leaves ablaze with color.  'Autumn Harvest' measures 8.5 inches and can be resized at no additional charge.


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'4th of July in Elfin Cove, III''4th of July in Elfin Cove, III''4th of July in Elfin Cove, III'
Click image for detail

#22678 '4th of July in Elfin Cove, III'

In preparation for the upcoming festivities of the 4th of July, I am creating a small patriotic collection called, '4th of July at Elfin Cove.'  This is the third piece in a series of 4 or 5 planned designs - all a bit different and all a bit similar, sharing the same story & muse.  Here it is:
On a magnificent adventure to Glacier Bay, Alaska aboard a small expedition yacht, my children & I had the joyous fortune to spend 4th of July in a small, colorful fishing village in Southeast Alaska called, Elfin Cove.  A tiny settlement built mostly on wooden stilts off of the sea and clinging to rock and land, it is an intimate, intense setting for those lucky enough to live there year-round.  All the locals know each other well; the watering holes sell tshirts extolling the virtue of Jack Daniels and salmon fishing.  Sea planes come in and out bringing fisherman from the lower 48 who bliss out in the Pacific, fishing their hearts away, until their suitcases sag with salmon, enough to last a whole year.  There is the local 'crazy,'  a colorful guy, who captures my attention and tells me a true bear story; one of those up-close and personal, near-death stories, where his spirit talked to the bear and encouraged the bear to walk away, on a cold, rainy evening when no one else was around.  It is true that these islands are loaded with bears and the outer islands are even more loaded.  Seems like the safest place is to be aboard a boat, such as ours, in the middle of the sea and cruising the inlets, quietly moving up coast in the company of a humpback or two. But on this one day, July 4th, we spent the day on land celebrating the 4th of July in the drizzling rain.  The whole town was dolled up in a way I might imagine a tourist town such as Telluride in Colorado or a dustbowl  of an oil town in Texas.  Railings were hung with fancy banners and streamers and balloons and the vivid red, white and blue never looked so beautiful against the forest green of the trees and the misty grey of the rainy day.  The whole town joined in a parade down the wooden walkway, with a wee curly haired redhead on the shoulders of her daddy, leading the way.  My kids were welcomed like one of their own and my young son even joined in bobbing for salmon heads on the small beach (there were $100 dollar bills in some of the fishheads).  We were welcomed at the local potluck supper that evening after watching men walk on a greased pole, out over the water, off of the pier, only to fall, one-by-one, in the icy drink.  It was the best 4th of July I have ever celebrated and this bracelet is created in memory of that day in a small Alaskan fishing town in the drizzling rain, when we stayed out all day and felt like such a part of a very special community.
So..the bracelet.  I have used the beads of two lampwork artists.  First, the stunning 'slices' or discs which are white polka dots on an encased blue core~ so dreamy and magical, like peering down into still water. These are done by the very talented Heather of her studio, Bead Intrigue. I work with Heather's beads a lot and she is so imaginative and precise in her glass work.  I have also used a few of her small etched white polka dot beads in the design.
The perfect companion also encased polka dot beads; in this case perfect 'rounds' done by wonderful Burt Gumerson of the Pacific Northwest.  I have worked with her beads for many years and when I am in the mood for polka dots, I know just where to go.  She is the polka dot artist and there are none better.  Everyone needs a few polka dots to cheer things up from time to time.  You will find her white core and red core, encased white polka dot rounds in this design.
The following beads, crystal and silver complete my design:

* Elegant cane glass beads shades of blue by the esteemed furnace glass artist, Penrose
* Swarovski red butterfly crystals and Swarovski light blue stars
* Swarovski red and clear faceted crystal cubes
* A variety of shapes, sizes and colors of Swarovski crystals in keeping with the theme
* Creamy Swarovski pearls capped in Daisy petal beadcaps
* Blue Swarovski faceted rounds capped in handsome Hilltribe sterling beadcaps
* Bright daisy spacers and bright silver tube beads
* A sterling silver star charm

'4th of July in Elfin Cove, III' includes three fabulous themed charms ~ a stunning, solid liberty bell, the burning flame of our lady, The Statue of Liberty and a handsome bald eagle in flight. These are all sterling silver.  Finally, '4th of July' is completed with a sturdy, sterling Bali silver toggle and measures in at 8 inches in length.  I am able to adjust the length at no additional charge.
Like the others of our collection, this is *the* piece for the 4th of July and holiday celebrations of the well as Veteran's Day, Memorial Day and any patriotic event on your summer schedule. Although each piece I currently design are all one-of-a-kind designs, I do have plans to base 3 or 4 more July 4th bracelets on this design.  None of them will be exact replicas of each other, however, since so many of the beads I use are also one-of-a-kind beads, made by artists. This is the third piece of this small collection.  The first piece sold almost immediately. Although all the bracelets are unique in design, they share an overall 'look' as well as the lampwork beads from some of the same artists, as I had the beads made especially for this small collection, in advance.

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'Caribbean Ice''Caribbean Ice''Caribbean Ice'
Click image for detail

'Caribbean Ice'

'Caribbean Ice,' calls upon two very different journeys.  One was to the icy waters of Southeast Alaska and the wondrous Glacier Bay and the other, to the humid, exotic  islands of the Caribbean where the water takes on its own extraterrestrial glow in shades of  turquoise, aqua and blue.  When glacier ice melts, it too takes on an unreal color, milky ice blue which also looks like something from fantasy fiction or stories of mermaids and Atlantis.
The lampwork beads I brought together in this piece bear out my odd muse and fantasy.  Melanie of her studio, Glass Valley, has done an amazing, original job of her light, transparent aqua rounds which are done over a core of shimmering silver.  A pale aqua scroll winds its way around each bead, like so much delicate ice.  I paired these magical beads with  gorgeous etched (like sea glass) lime, turquoise and blue 'pillow' and one focal round bead by a talented artist known as Agate. I always seek him out when I need sea-themed, beach glass looking lampwork. He never fails to disappoint.
Other lampwork you will find in 'Caribbean Ice,'' include:
* 3D Aqua & Blue flowers by Serena of SJDS
* Sky blue hibiscus flowers by Stefanie of AShotofGlass
* Clear & white & blue polka dot discs by Heather of BeadIntrigue
* Aqua roses by published clay artist, D. Jean Vainio
The other stones and beads you will find in the composition of 'Caribbean Ice' are:
* Aquamarine milky blue briolettes
* Aquamarine faceted rondelles
* Violet-blue iolite nuggets (navigational stone of the Vikings)
* Freshwater pearls capped in ornate bead Bali silver caps
* Sleeping Beauty faceted turquoise briolettes
* Violet-blue faceted quartz briolettes
*  Clear, faceted quartz rondelles
* Swarovski in the shapes of bicone, rondelle, cube
* Daisy & twisted ring spacers by Bali Silver artisans
* A folded sterling flower charm by the Hilltribe artisans
* A sterling schooner charm
* A sterling anchor and ship's wheel
* A  tiny sterling mermaid charm 
An ornate, round Bali silver toggle completes "Caribbean Ice'  which measures approximately 8.5 inches in length and can be re-sized at no additional charge.

'Caribbean Ice'' is  the perfect seaside piece, a bracelet for summer walks and evening dinners under awnings, at garden parties at the seashore.  It is a piece to celebrate the sea whereever one might find themselves, whether frolicking at a resort, a lone beach or a thousand miles inland on the prairies, dreaming, always dreaming of the sea.

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'Carmel Beach, III''Carmel Beach, III''Carmel Beach, III'
Click image for detail

#2333 'Carmel Beach, III'

Several weekends back we went to Carmel on a quick day trip. There is *something* about Carmel, a beautiful other worldliness which begins as you drive down Ocean Avenue. The colorful locals, the hanging flower baskets, the old pine trees, the posh shops including my favorite - the Coach bag shop (has a wonderful clearance section) and finally ending at the world's most beautiful village beach, especially at sunset. It is like entering a different world, set so apart from the common reality and it is nice to step into that world, if only for an hour or two which is why Carmel is the muse behind this piece, yet again.
'Carmel Beach' is comprised of three top-flight glass bead artists.  The three large, round blue & orange swirl bumpy beads are by renowned Australian artist, Nellie Mae.  When she entered the US market, she was little known and her bead prices were pricey, but nowhere near what she is able to fetch for them today.  I was very fortunate to collect 5 or 6 sets of her work.  Also, after a year or so of creating lampwork sets of beads, she has all but abandoned that style and is now almost exclusively making  Pandora lampwork beads, fetching up to $40 or more for one bead. It is no mistake, however, since her work is so original and mesmerizing.  You won't find lampwork beads like the ones she creates.  As I used to say of Nellie Mae's work, you start to work with them and soon the beads are telling the story and not the other way around.  These three lampwork beads by her are the rolling sea, the generous curl of waves and the color of sunset on Carmel Beach on a clear, sultry evening.  She uses shades of blue, turquoise with curls of bronze sparkles and then sensual whisps of orange and cream.  The very depth of the colors beneath the glass is intriguing.  You can look on forever and deeper and deeper.
The companion/accenting beads are by two artists whose work I adore and work with most every week.  Melanie of GlassValley made the bumpy and swirl blue (with a hint of encased green) beads.  Stefanie of the studio, A Shot of Glass, creates her signature hibiscus in a custom order for me of light and ice blue on clear.  Heather of BeadIntrigue creates her gorgeous, 3D petaled flowers and D. Jean Vainio makes her esteemed clay roses in a sheer and gold trim combination.  Truly LUXE.
Tumbled into this oceanic, sunset composition are the following beads and stones:
 * Stunning, faceted, ice-blue aquarmarine brioletes
* Clear, faceted quartz rondelles
* Elegant furnace beads by esteemed glass artist, Penrose in a variety of shade of blue/teal
* Swarovski cystal rondelles, bicones  & cubes
* Two gold vermeil (22K gold over 937 sterling silver) from Thailands Hilltribe artisans
* Sterling coil wrap beads by Thailand's Hilltribe artisans
* Bali silver daisy spacers
* A magnificent sterling sea turtle charm
* A handsome sterling sand-dollar charm
* Hilltribe sterling silver droplet beads
'Carmel Beach' is finished with an ornate, sterling, filigree toggle clasp and measures 8.5 inches in length.  The length can be adjusted at no additional charge.
'Carmel Beach' is the piece for Autumn parties on decks overlooking the sea; or for cozy indoor parties in muted candle light and the revelry of conversation of the summer times spent on the sea.  This is a piece for a walk through an Art Museum or for a walk in the park.  It is a piece for anytime you long for that beauty and mystery of the ocean and simply being in her presence. Price: $425

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'Butterfly Time''Butterfly Time''Butterfly Time'
Click image for detail

#1111 'Butterfly Time'

This design is a small departure from my usual design model. I lucked upon some stunning sterling chain, large, oval loops done in thick, substantial, polished sterling. It sparked a design in me that was spare, elegant, clean, classic and chunky, of which I am doing a few different design versions. Bold, but stunning. The theme is hot pink moonstone with dramatic blue fire flash, white freshwater pearls & clear crystal & lolite and lots & lots of sterling silver. The blue fire of the moonstone is absolutely fetching and the crowded chunky gems make for a tour de force of a time piece.

We have all heard of 'Father Time," well this is "Butterfly Time," a purely whimsical, sassy, edgy design meant to shock, surprise and make you smile. But it is also a watch! A bracelet-watch, hence the theme of time. No one else will have one quite like it. And butterflies are in fashion - in fabrics and accessories are all the rage just now.

'Butterfly Time' is designed around the solid, abstract sterling silver beads of Thailand's Hilltribe artisans. Their silver is .999% pure, versus the normal .925 purity. These are abstract in shape and solid, pure sterling (but not heavy to wear). The sterling butterflies are also by these artists, as are the two waterwheel beads. Gorgeous step-cut, clear, clear crystal nuggets add depth and shimmer along with lustrous freshwater coin pearls which glimmer and glow. Luxe & luminous iolite teardrop faceted briolettes add some real glam to the design along with the pink heart briolettes in two shades. Small spots of Swarovski crystals punctuate the piece ever so subtly along with 2 Swarovski butterflies and two pink/white hand-torched lampwork beads by Florence trained glass artist, Glass Jungle (his work is very hard to find anymore, alas).

The watch-face is Geneva Quartz and comes with a spare battery. 'Butterfly Time' design is mod, original and glam all at once. You won't find another like it.

"Butterfly Time" measures a generous 8.5 inches in length for the draped look, however it can be resized at no additional charge to about 7.5 inches in length.

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'Oklahoma, II''Oklahoma, II''Oklahoma, II'
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#1110 'Oklahoma, II'

This piece is called 'Oklahoma II!' since the first design (an original) was created and sold by me several months ago. Needless to say, farm designs continue to be on my mind and the muse has remained the same (the musical), though the design is different. Most every morning, during the school year, I sing 'Oh, What a Beautiful Morning' to my children on our short drive to their elementary school. We pass a rural property with a handsome rooster and several hens and a charming goat family. I am reminded time and again of the musical, 'Oklahoma!'  Even now, just having returned from 20 days on a thickly forested island in British Columbia, with white soft, sandy beaches, you would find me swimming out in the calm water each day, singing 'Oh, what a Beautiful Morning.'  Thankfully all our island neighbors have known me for nearly 5 decades and they understand my colorful soul.
The splendid red encased daisy lampwork beads are of course, by esteemed lampwork artist, Catherine Steele. Each daisy lentil is couched in elegant sterling Bali beadcaps, adding that vintage look and feel somehow reminscent of the American farm culture.  I combine the daisy lentils with smaller white, etched lentils by another glass artist. They are perfect complements to each other as they create the farm scene I was so eager to create in a sculptural design. 'Oklahoma!'

Central to the piece are the three sterling charms - a wheelbarrow, a corn cob and a fine, fine rooster. You will also find gorgeous red yellow by published clay artist, D. Jean Vainio and lampwork 3-D flowers in white & yellow by Heather of Bead Intrigue along with some of her green leaves. There are lampwork beads galore in 'Oklahoma!' Swarovski cubes and bicones and rondelles add sparkle and shine. Apple red chalcedony briolettes add some glamour along with stunning Moonstone, lustrous freshwater Coin Pearls,  luminous Lolite & clear, triad crystals. An ornate Bali toggle completes 'Oklahoma!' which measures a tad over 7.5 inches and can be resized either way for no additional charge.
As with all of my designs, this is a one of a kind sculpture in beads. You won't see another like it!
I leave you with a short piece of that wonderful show tune from 'Oklahoma!'
'There's a bright, golden haze on the meadow
There's a bright, golden haze on the meadow.
The corn is as high as an elephant's eye
And it looks like it's climbing clear up to the sky.
Oh, what a beautiful Mornin'
Oh, what a beautiful day.
I've got a beautiful feelin'
Everything's goin' my way.'
Note that all my photos are taken in natural lighting. I tend to wait until the late afternoon when I can capture the depth and texture of the piece and the individual shine and angles of each bead. I did include a few shots of the piece in full sunlight in order to capture the elegant sparkle of the piece.
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#1202009 'Inaguration'

'Inaguration' was inspired by a handsome sterling charm of a champagne bottle in an ice bucket and the companion black and white floral lampwork beads. At first I had planned a New Year's piece, but when the presidential election concluded, I was filled with the joy and excitement of a new hope for America and the world. My imagination led me to January 20th when our new president will be sworn into office and away I went.

The lampwork beads are *the thing,* of course. Heather Davis is known as lampwork royalty. Her work is always highly prized and sought after by designers. This set is particularly fetching and includes a lentil, two rounds and two stunning, stunning tulips so perfectly rendered. Cream colored flower beads by published clay artist D. Jean Vainio quietly accent the flowers of the lampwork.

In wanting to keep the piece pure and elegant, I used stunning, large, abstract shaped Swarovski crystal in clear. The prisims and scope of these beads are superb alongside the white sterling spiral beads from Thailand's famed Hilltribe artisands. Lusterous cream colored coin pearls accent 'Innaguration' so elegantly as do the Keishi pearls in a cream-silver tone. Penrose furnace beads in black and light taupe add depth.

Top quality clear Lolite teardrop stones create depth to 'Inaguration' as do the champagne colored ametrine briolettes. Along with the champagne in an ice bucket charm, you will also find sterling stars and a Liberty Bell charm to complete the theme of 'Inaguration.' A white sterling Hilltribe heart finishes the piece as symbol of all the world's hopes pinned to this single man, visionary and new leader of our time.

This is a timeless piece, a piece de resistance which, whilst meant to celebrate our new incoming president, is also in keeping with any elegant affair. 'Inaguration' measures @ 8 inches and can be resized at no additional charge.

Note that all my photos are taken in natural lighting. I tend to wait until the late afternoon when I can capture the depth and texture of the piece and the individual shine and angles of each bead. I did include a few shots of the piece in full sunlight in order to capture the elegant sparkle of the piece.

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