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Hurry and catch as catch-can! Many of these are first-run pieces, all one-of-a-kind designs & are being offered in other venues, galleries & shows as well.  Snap them up at these bargain prices while you can!   (Please note that other discount promotions or coupons do not apply to sale items unless specifically stated).

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'Carmel Beach, II''Carmel Beach, II''Carmel Beach, II'
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#2100 'Carmel Beach, II'

Several weekends back we went to Carmel on a quick day trip. There is *something* about Carmel, a beautiful other worldliness which begins as you drive down Ocean Avenue. The colorful locals, the hanging flower baskets, the old pine trees, the posh shops including my favorite - the Coach bag shop (has a wonderful clearance section), faux cobbled streets & lanes, the heritage houses, finally ending at the world's most beautiful village beach, especially at sunset. It is like entering a different world, set so apart from the common reality and it is nice to step into that world, if only for an hour or two which is why Carmel is the muse behind this piece, yet again.

'Carmel Beach, II' is comprised almost entirely of lampwork beads.  Beads created by torch and glass rod in an artist's studio.  I have used the work of 7 different lampwork artists, located both her and in Europe.  As a designer, I love to combine the lampwork of different artists in one piece and see what I can compose ~ hoping for feeling,  memory, daydream or a call to action (lets go to the beach!).

The focal lampwork beads are a muse by and of themselves.  Mystic portals of glass bumps and swirls; glass bubbles caught perfectly by design in the middle, like space ships, like sea creatures or almost like the blue planet itself, punctuated by small snow globes.  A set of these glorious beads are the focal of 'Carmel Beach, II' and are created by an esteemed American glass artist.  She is one of my more recent 'finds' and I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of her work, lest she disappear. These are the beads of summertime at the beach, the alluring colors of lime and aqua and turquoise never fails to woo the senses into remembering a special time on the water.

Other featured lampwork includes:
* Marvelous organic small spacer beads in cobalt, green, clear & turquoise
* Retro polka dot slices by the talented Melanie of BeadIntrigue
* A set of aqua/green small rounds by one of my favorites, Melanie of Glass Valley
* Small lentils by a Florence-trained glass artist done in cobalt, green & white
* Larger organic rounds by a gifted European artist whose speciality are 'pebbles'
* Focal Boho 5 petaled flower - sculptural lampwork!
* Two dark aqua thick, but hollow old Japanese fisherman's floater-balls (another retro touch)

A few glass furnace beads by esteemed cane artist, David Christensen along with some Sleeping Beauty turqouise beads which are couched between sterling silver Hilltribe droplets adding just the right *pop*.  Finally, a few solid sterling triangles looking like so many sailboats finish the piece with a gorgeous, hammered sterling toggle clasp by the Hilltribe artisans.

With such lovely lampwork beads in hand this is a piece for the summertime; for parties on decks overlooking the sea, silver with sunshine.   'Carmel Beach, II' measures a tad over 8 inches (perfect for a 7 inch wrist) and can be resized at no charge.

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'Acorns & Ravens''Acorns & Ravens''Acorns & Ravens'
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#9924 'Acorns & Ravens'

'Acorns & Ravens' or Autumn Harvest is awash with the lampwork of several top-flight studio artists, almost like an art glass harvest itself!  This is a design I have been putting together in my mind for weeks, centered around the stunning handcrafted grape harvest sterling toggle.  The uber talented, published metal artist uses the old wax technique to create one-of-a-kind, edgy, elegant & interesting sterling toggles and charms.  As it was, I was planning to start my Autumn design line sometime in September, when the colder mornings and evenings starting whispering 'Autumn.'  However, we have had a fantastically mild summer in Northern California and already, in mid-August, I can feel the Autumn in the air.  My first inclination was to find the lampwork beads in my design from my enormous library and set to work.  Needless to say, I have spent days on this piece, luxuriating in the Fall and thinking of the fabulous Napa valley nearby, the smells of Autumn and later the winds and chill of the coming winter, after Halloween.
I consider Catherine Steele's grape harvest lentils the focal beads of this piece, considering the theme. Catherine is known and regarded for her stunning sculptural lampwork beads and these are among my many favorites of her work.  Pristine is the only word to describe the detail and care she puts into every bead.  Secondary to her lentils are the stunning tubular beads by Jennifer Powers.
 I use two of her beads in concert with Catherine's work and they are elegant, edgy  and modern in design.  I spend hours looking for bead artists, whose work I consider original and apart from the crowd.  Jennifer Powers definitely fits that bill.  These are two of her deep amber, transparent tubular beads, sketched with light green and purple lines and drizzled with pink, peach & violet bumps with one encircled with gold bumpies.  Jennifer is also the artist of the purple/pink and gold discs, dangling from the bracelet and the organic, mauve colored rounds at the bracelet's end.The lampwork, all taken together, is a mesmerizing combination, especially in concert with the lampwork acorns and royal purple tulips.
The lampwork acorns are the work of a talented Australian artist who I can always count on for sculptural acorns.  The purple tulips are done by Heather Davis and are part of her signature collection. No one makes perfect lampwork tulips like Heather.  These are a rich, dark purple color, with each petal formed to perfection.

In composing 'Acorns & Ravens,' I created my design in colors around the lampwork beads using semi-precious gemstones,  sterling Bali beads and other  beads. You will find:
* Luminous, AAA faceted ice-blue aquamarine rondelles
* Light Baltic amber chips, couched with Hilltribe sterling droplets
* Gorgeous, chunky Amethyst rondelles
* Light green faceted Chalcedony briolettes
* Violet faceted quartz heart briolettes
* Forest green faceted quartz heart briolettes

*Swarovski in a variety of shapes colors & sizes
* Faceted Swarovski cubes in vintage pink
* Lampwork spacers in lilac
* Amber lampwork leaves by artist, Heather of her studio Bead Intrigue
*  Bali silver daisy spacers & tube beads
* A sterling raven, oak leaf and grape bunch charm

'Acorns & Ravens' is a piece meant to celebrate the bounty and good fortune of our plentiful earth and locally grown produce.  It celebrates fine wines from Italy, France to South Africa and New Zealand to say nothing of California.  It is a piece to wear while revelling in the dramatic beauty of the Fall and the changing colors, leaves ablaze with color.  'Autumn Harvest' measures 8.5 inches and can be resized at no additional charge.


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