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'Love Letters''Love Letters''Love Letters'
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#227653 'Love Letters'

I'm in a black and white state of mind...
 This one is called 'Love Letters' and though I think 'love' is rarely black and white or cut-and-dried, the black and white theme of the piece reminds me of the days of the past, when love letters written by hand, were sent in the mail or by courier or by wire and telegraph.  The same 'old' days of black and white in film and photograph, each image carefully rendered, positioned and caught, like a fleeting dragonfly.  I remember my own 'love letters,' one in particular from a tall, handsome neighbor I had named, "Adonis.'  I was smitten with him (or more accurately, with his amazing garage which was beautifully organized with canoes, skiis, camping gear, a backpack).  I remember after returning from a trip abroad to explore the lake district & fjords of Chile and on to the Antarctic peninsula, returning home and finding a letter from him, written on stationary with watercolor salmon fish, saying he wanted to get to know me better.  My knees almost buckled, in the rain, at my mail-box, that dark November afternoon.   I was so newly smitten, I forgot my 'new' Greek God, the expedition leader on board the 'World Discoverer.'   Anyway...I digress.  'Love Letters' - is a reminder of a rich past which still email or text message.  Alas.  From my last boyfriend, I have a stack of precious email print-outs.  Hardly the same, but still words of love.  And I suppose that is all the really matters.  "Love Letters' incorporates the lampwork beads of several international glass artists, spanning from the USA to England and on to Israel!
The central set of lampwork beads are by a recent 'find' - an American artist whose signature style is what I call 'mystic portals,' beads encased with a thick layer of glass, with interesting portals of glass peppering the bead surface along with interesting scrolls & ribbons - narrow lines of glass, snaking around the perimeter.  Her bead designs inspire idea after idea in their whimsy and perfection. This set is black, white & clear which is paired with companion lampwork by a wonderful English artist who makes these wonderful 'bubble' lampwork beads - transparent glass over a core of black and cluttered with bubbles of shadow & glass.  Extraordinary work and so mysterious and strange.    More companion lampwork beads used to create, 'Love Letters,' include:
*  Black & white  3D flowers in different sizes and by two different artists
* Black, white & clear polka dot disc lampwork beads
* Etched black & clear polka dot round minis
* Small, clear lampwork ice cubes  
Perhaps most amazing to me of the beads, findings and stones used in 'Love Letters,' are the mesmerizing, blue-fire flash AAA quality moonstone.  I have used over a dozen of these stones throughout the bracelet for that unexpected flash of blue as the bracelet shifts in the daylight.  It is a beautiful surprise to see Mother Nature's own 'bling.'  If you notice a blue flash in the photos above, it is the moonstone.
You will also find black onyx stone faceted briolettes, clear, faceted quartz cubes, freshwater coin pearls, solid sterling silver triangles & stars from Thailand's Hilltribe silversmiths along with a charming hammered white sterling puffy heart.  Bali silver beads punctuate the bracelet throughout.  The focal point of 'Love Letters,' is two sterling letter charms and two small heart 'rings' at the bracelet ends.  Along with the toggle clasp, these sterling hearts are made by the lost wax technique of silver-work and are by an American artist.
'Love Letters' measures 7.5 inches in length and can be adjusted to most any bracelet length for no additional fee, aside from return postage.
'Love Letters' is a luxe winter holiday piece - for all the holiday parties, for 'Puttin' on the Ritz' and taking the town by storm, in heels and a 'little black dress,' and with the man of your beloved letters on your arm, spelling out the beauty & love of all ages.
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'The Seal at Fern Harbor''The Seal at Fern Harbor''The Seal at Fern Harbor'
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#22411 'The Seal at Fern Harbor'

Some of my most prized sterling charms & findings are those done by a renowned silver artist who works in the 'lost' wax technique. Her work is superb and adds a rouge character to any design. As such, I lucked into this very solid little fellow - a beautifully abstract sterling seal. I have been waiting for just the right composition to include him in and I think I have found it in 'Fern Harbor.' I made up the name, 'Fern Harbor,' since the bracelet reminded me of the lush harbors and marinas of the Pacific Northwest where ferns drip from forested hillsides at the water's edge. Then I Googled 'Fern Harbor' and found that there is just such a place in Alaska! I could not have been more pleased - it is in Glacier Bay National Park, a place I have had the great good fortune to explore with my children for a solid week of near solitude on a private charter, dropping in and out of sheltered bays and seeing the famous glaciers up close, along with the bear and mountain goat.
In any case, 'The Seal at Fern Harbor' is a blessed piece, a piece de' resistance, a tour de force of colors of sea & forest, sky and fern and most especially the extraordinary lampwork beads which were created by 7 different gifted glass artists both here and abroad.. The focal lampwork lentil beads are by the esteemed artist, Catherine Steele, one of my favorite glass artists. When this set of beads arrived, I just about fell off my chair. These are the beads of summertime at the sea, rich & detailed tidepools under glass with sand, surf and sea urchins and dots of shining sterling. She calls them 'Ocean Within' and I can't think of a better name. They are so magnificently done; as if the sea is alive under the layer of clear, glossy glass. Sharing the 'stage' are equally imaginative beads by another American artist whose signature design is what I call, 'mystic portals,' that is, thick, encased glass over a core of color(s) and detailed on the surface with scrolls and chunky 'portals' of glass. They are beautiful and curious to look at and feel so good to explore and touch. Other lampwork beads by more cherished, gifted artists are as follows:* Organic rounds in blues & turquoise 
* Glossy fern green hollow round orbs, like vintage Japanese fisherman netted, round floaters  
* Transparent turquoise fillegree lampwork rounds done in swirls of rich glass color 
* Turquoise polka dot discs 
* 3D petaled lampwork flowers in shades of blue 
* Two stunning etched seashells done to perfection by
 C. Steele 
* Two larger drooping bluebelles in cobalt blue and a lighter shade from a talented Israeli artist 
* Lampwork green leaves 
* The large focal 3D flower in blues & lime green (TDF!)
Aside from this magnificent blend of artisan glass, you will also find faceted green amethyst and iolite nuggets, Swarovski crystals in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, artisan sterling silver tube beads, a lighthouse charm and of course, the seal charm. Hilltribe & Bali sterling silver rings, pins, daisy spacers punctuate the piece throughout and finally a thick, sterling square Bali silver toggle clasp. 'The Seal of Fern Harbor' measures 7.5" in length and can be resized to any length without sacrificing design. 'The Seal of Fern Harbor' is an elegant, lyrical & beautiful piece in colors at once vibrant and alive reminding us all how wondrous our world is and how fantastic it is to be a part of the magical 'blue planet,' and most especially the sea and the deep majesty & mystery of our forests.
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