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Hurry and catch as catch-can! Many of these are first-run pieces, all one-of-a-kind designs & are being offered in other venues, galleries & shows as well.  Snap them up at these bargain prices while you can!   (Please note that other discount promotions or coupons do not apply to sale items unless specifically stated).

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'The Christmas Apple'  ON SUPER SALE!'The Christmas Apple'  ON SUPER SALE!'The Christmas Apple'  ON SUPER SALE!
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#27956 'The Christmas Apple' ON SUPER SALE!

The muse of 'The Christmas Apple' is an apple lampwork bead I came upon - the first and only apple I have ever seen from a glass studio.  I snapped it up and wished there were a dozen more! "The Christmas Apple' incorporates the lampwork beads of several international glass artists, spanning from the USA to England and on to Israel!
The central set of lampwork beads are by a recent 'find' - an American artist whose signature style is what I call 'mystic portals,' beads encased with a thick layer of glass, with interesting portals of glass peppering the bead surface along with interesting scrolls & ribbons - narrow lines of glass, snaking around the perimeter. Her bead designs inspire idea after idea in their whimsy and perfection. This set is a holiday set done in apple red, lime green, green and white with candy stripe ribbons and red polka dots sticking up like cheerful snowberries and include the round beads seen in the bracelet base as well as the three 3-D flowers which are simply sublime.  This set is paired with companion lampwork by an artist who makes these wonderful 'bubble' lampwork beads - done in bubbly green. Extraordinary work and full of great spirit and joy for the upcoming season. More companion lampwork beads used to create, 'The Christmas Apple,' include:
* Teal & Mint green 3D lampwork flowers and two colors of leaves
* White bumpy dot mini lampwork beads like so many snowballs
* White polka dot lampwork discs
* Green lampwork square spacers - so unusual and spirited
* Gorgeous red cranberry rounds and one larger bumpy clear bead
* Lime green hollow orbs, like fisherman net floaters
* A peppermint lampwork sculptural bead
* One lampwork ice block lampwork bead
* One amazing red apple
You will also find faceted quartz stone faceted briolettes; clear, faceted quartz cubes; elegant big freshwater Baroque pearls; faceted quartz rondelles; cranberry colored furnace beads by the esteemed David Christensen;  sterling silver daisy spacers and snowflake spacers by Bali & Hilltribe silversmiths along with a charming sterling silver  spacer beads, white sterling beadcaps and rings.  Sterling silver charms include a holly leaf, an ornate snow sled, a santa head and a wreath. The toggle clasp is made by a local silversmith who uses the old wax technique and echos the star pattern of the main flowers of the bracelet.
'The Christmas Apple' measures @ 8.5 inches in length and can be adjusted to most any bracelet length for no additional fee, aside from return postage.
'The Christmas Apple' is a luxe winter holiday piece - for all the holiday parties, for 'Puttin' on the Ritz' and taking the town by storm, in heels and a 'little black dress,' or in a group of carolers, all dressed in cozy woolen mittens, caps and scarves ~ watching your breath in the cold air, drinking hot cider and reveling in the joy of being alive, being together & giving thanks for the season of spiritual and celestial birth.
Note that all my photos are taken in natural lighting. I tend to wait until the late afternoon when I can capture the depth and texture of the piece and the individual shine and angles of each bead. 
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'The Christmas Door''The Christmas Door''The Christmas Door'
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#29772 'The Christmas Door'

Tis' the season....
 I have no idea where my early holiday design muse came from, but I found myself giddy at the thought of creating my first holiday design of the season.  I think it was the moving sterling holiday door charm.  The wreathed door opens and inside it says, 'Merry Xmas!'.  I always loved tiny things that would move, open, close...when I was a toddler. Anyway, this is a LUXE bracelet design, composed of some amazing lampwork and equally amazing gemstones.  It is called 'The Christmas Door'   and is my habit,  incorporates the lampwork beads of several artists, perhaps the most prominent being Heather Davis, a gifted American artist along with several equally talented  glass artists.
So..the beads.  One of my recent 'finds' is a woman whose signature bead design is what I refer to as 'mystic portals;' beads that have encased bumps and dots and swirls on the surface of an equally intriguing core, usually under thick, transparent glass.   This is her first holiday set and it is a set of clear glass over a red, white & mint green core with portals and bumpies in the same color blends.  She is also the artist of the large sculptural peppermint focal lampwork flower and the cheerful peppermint discs.  I matched her set with some elegant clear scroll rounds by Heather Davis - beads she made at my suggestion as clear, scroll beads will always set a design off with a certain staid elegance and also punctuate beads of color inherent in the overall design.  I could use 100 of her gorgeous scroll beads - she does them so beautifully.
Companion lampwork beads include:
*  Green & white petaled 3D daisies 
* White polka dots on deep red lampwork discs
* Gorgeous clear encased red pebbles by an uber-talented European artist
* Mint Green hollow lampwork balls by a gifted American artist
* White bumpy snowball lampwork beads by another American artist
Other beads & semi-precious gemstones include: 
* Moss-green Aquamarine stone rondelles (very elegant)
* Generous AAA faceted Brazilian Green Amethyst nuggets
* Amazing AAA blue-fire flash clear moonstone rondelles (really magical in the sunlight)
* Swarovski crystals in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, including bright French red, faceted cubes
* Thai Hilltribe white sterling snowflake spacers and white silver coil beads
* Thai Hilltribe solid sterling silver (.997 purity) round & triangle beads
* Bali silver daisy spacers
* Sterling wreath charm created 
* Sterling holiday door charm
* Sterling rogue handcrafted star toggle using the old wax technique for casting silver, handmade by an American artist
'The Christmas Door' measures just over 8.5 inches and can be resized for no additional charge. 
This piece, 'The Christmas Door' is one of those gallery pieces , like the famous 'Dublin Doors' of greeting cards & posters and the place itself - a city with the most interesting doors around.  Taken all together, 'The Christmas Door' is a Christmas-trendy piece, with the more vintage mint-green rather than forest-green and with plenty of elegant clear or white or blue-fire to create a show-stopping effect whether at an uptown holiday party or at a coffee house on a cold winter's night.  'The Christmas Door' is bound to light up the season.
$525.00 Sale! $375.00
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