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** New! Simple LUXE

Still the high quality gems, stones & crafted studio lampwork beads & findings ... but just more simply composed.  Here, you will find simple wrap bracelets, cluster pendants & necklaces and the occasional pair of earrings.  Please feel free to email me with suggestions or wish-list ideas ~ I'm always open to new thoughts, wishes and wants!

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'Sea Turtle...Come Away''Sea Turtle...Come Away''Sea Turtle...Come Away'
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#423 'Sea Turtle...Come Away'

The muse behind 'Sea Turtle, Come Away' is the beautiful, spare sterling sea turtle charm along with a lyrical lampwork tile bead done in watercolor-shades (turquoise, blue, teal, purple, green & white) of a tropical sea and cluttered with some of earth's most lovely stones.  During the dim, darker days of early winter in Northern California, I am seeking the sea and I revel in memories of warmer water where the sea turtles swim. 

The primitive & simple sea turtle charm is surrounded by magnificent, colorful semi-precious gemstones and pearls as well as small,  organic, hand-shaped glass beads.  There is also one purple 'spankle' round bead created by a talented British artist who torches sterling silver into thick clear glass over a core of purple and looking like a piece of the beautiful starry cosmos above us. It  is this collection of studio beads, earthly stones and sterling that bring  'Sea Turtle, Come Away,'  to its form. Glossy Baroque, Keishi & button pearls, gentle green amethyst, moss green and ice blue aquamarine, AAA blue-flash moonstone, cubic zirconia teardrops, lime green peridot, sleeping beauty turquoise and Caribbean blue apatite which dangle & collect like so much iridescent sea water around the sea turtle charm, sparkling in nearly 40 flashes of color, texture and earthy glow.  A perfectly hand-cast bail  is made by a talented local metal artist using the old-wax technique and sterling to create a sturdy, handsome pendant/necklace bail. I have strung the pendant on weathered leather cord.  The pendant of 'Sea Turtle Come Away' is just over 4.5 inches in length.  Taken together, the necklace measures @ 20" and the leather cord can, of course, be swapped out for other necklace or chain options should you choose different looks for different days or events.

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'The Snow Queen''The Snow Queen''The Snow Queen'
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#699 'The Snow Queen'

Interesting that in the language of the Sami people of Northern Scandinavia, there are hundreds of words which mean 'snow.'  Being a Scandinavian myself and loving the idea of 5 months of a white landscape and icy temperatures, I created 'The Snow Queen,' or simply, 'Snow.'  'The Snow Queen' is another of my newer designs from my Simple Luxe Collection.  This piece is a  lampwork, gemstone 'wrap' bracelet.  That is, two strands of lampwork, stones, gems, white & regular sterling (925) and some lovely sterling charms including:  A hammered puffy white SS heart (Hilltribe artisans),  two white SS snowflake, reindeer and a snowflower.  The Snow Queen herself is a hand-rendered (old, lost wax technique of silver-casting) done by a local artist who also completed the handsome, substantial round toggle clasp. Stunning pure white studio lampwork beads by five esteemed lampwork artists living here and abroad make up 'The Snow Queen.' The piece is punctuated with AAA faceted quartz nuggets, freshwater Baroque & Keishi pearls, clear furnace beads by the esteemed furnace glass artist Christensen, a large faceted chunky moonstone which flashes blue in just the right light and lots of white sterling findings, beads, Swarovski beads and accents.  A small touch of red at the toggle ends completes 'The Snow Queen' and adds just that bit of startling contrast to an otherwise tres elegant landscape of cascading beads for the season of snow, ice and cold.

I read just yesterday that a color trend of Spring, 2012 is a pure and 'blinding' white. I must admit I was swooning when I saw an elegant, silk, flowing suit - perfectly tailored on a tall, elegant young woman.  It is nice to see the pure color of white 'on trend' again!

'The Snow Queen' which measures a loose 9 inches, may be resized at no additional charge. Please note that this style of wrap is meant to be worn somewhat loosely and playfully, but not to the point where it could slip off your wrist.

Sold out!  Thank you!

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"Pink Ice  Winter Wonderful!'"Pink Ice  Winter Wonderful!'"Pink Ice  Winter Wonderful!'
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#22661 "Pink Ice Winter Wonderful!'

I am happy to announce that I have been working on a more spare bracelet design using a double strand, similar to a wrap. It won't ever threaten to overtake my signature style, but is a wonderful addition to my collection. And, although I have the most wonderful loyal group of repeat clients for my lush, chaotic, luxe lampwork dangle has occurred to me that perhaps not everyone wants that much detail. Sometimes, for some folks, less is truly more. So, I am working with a design of two standed lampwork bracelets without copious dangles. The quality and the high-end beads/findings are the same, but the design is more spare and to-the-point. And, with luck, the price tag will be more manageable.

I work with a loyal, talented, top-notch group of lampwork artists both here and abroad, I am always on the look-out for new, cutting-edge, original glass designers. Recently, I came upon a lampwork artist whose work captivated and thrilled me to the core. Her signature design-point is what I call, 'mystic portals,' which are generous, raised bumps or round, plump circles of glass on the surface of a lampwork bead, often transparent and encased making for a complex & gorgeous bead. That said, I cannot seem to get enough of them and have designs stored to the ceiling in my head. The set I use here, is done in soft, luminous shades of pink, white and clear. Like a snowstorm, there are textures in the shape of ribbons, dots, portals all on an encased transparent pink glass over a pink core. Truly elegant. This set reminds me of a snowflake fairytale with all the secret nooks and crannies of a feminine, enchanted snowscape.
Companion beads are equally lovely & whimsical and created by other talented English & American glass artists. You will find uber-elegant 'spankle' beads - thick clear encased over a white core with wisps of white and sterling embossed droplets, buried into the glass, like so much finery. Beautiful, original work. There is also an ice cube focal, high grade baroque pearls, AAA quality blue-fire moonstone, organic encased pink/purple beads, lots of sparkling faceted quartz, Swarovski crystals in a variety of shapes and sizes, a chunky pink open square lampwork bead and lots of bright sterling silver rings, bead caps with Hilltribe and Bali beads in solid silver. Elegant and feminine for a pink winter's eve, wandering in the snow or in the village enroute to a party or just on a brisk walk. 'Pink Ice' is a gorgeous, sparkling artisan design meant to lighten your heart, your step and your spirit through the coming season of snow!
'Pink Ice' measures a tad over 8.5 inches in length and can be resized at no additional fee. This style is meant to be worn more loosely, more casually so the two strands inter-cross and mingle and move up and down your lower arm and not so tethered to your wrist. However, if you prefer a more snug fit, just let me know when I handle the length adjustment.
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