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** New! Simple LUXE

Still the high quality gems, stones & crafted studio lampwork beads & findings ... but just more simply composed.  Here, you will find simple wrap bracelets, cluster pendants & necklaces and the occasional pair of earrings.  Please feel free to email me with suggestions or wish-list ideas ~ I'm always open to new thoughts, wishes and wants!

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Sea Turtle at CopaCobanaSea Turtle at CopaCobanaSea Turtle at CopaCobana
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#314 Sea Turtle at CopaCobana

Each design in my new 'Savary Island' Collection is meant to evoke seaside & garden memories and images using sterling silver starfish, sea turtles, & flip-flops and other iconic nautical and beach symbols. Gardening focused pieces use a variety of flowers, veggies & insects such as dragonflies and ladybugs to make for a charming & colorful purse charm. 

All pieces in the Savary Island collection are designed using stunning lampwork beads made by a curated list of lampwork glass artists using a hot torch and flame with rods of colored glass. The artists I work with are found here and abroad in Canada, the UK, Australia, Israel and Germany. The rest of the composition of each pendant is made using bright sterling silver beads & findings, luminous semi precious gems or pearls and other, smaller lampwork beads, many of them organically crafted by hand.  

A large sterling silver lobster clasp completes each purse charm which measures @ 2" in length as a cluster. Each pendant is composed of all-sterling silver findings and components. 


"Carnevale, II""Carnevale, II""Carnevale, II"
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#2226 "Carnevale, II"

'Carnevale, II' is gallery-calibre 2-strand wrap bracelet made entirely of studio lampwork beads, gemstones, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. One of my more LUXE designs, this is a complex bracelet design in the 'spirit' genre; a complex design invoking the rich, ancient, colorful & beloved tradition of 'Carnevale,II' in Italy. On my first ever trip to Italy to attend a conference, I took the train after the event from Milano to Florence. Staying in a beautiful, but old hotel housed in the upper floors of an ancient building overlooking the River Arno and a few doors down from the Uffizi Museum, I was given the room used in the film, 'A Room with View.' The owner of the hotel (3rd or 4th generation in the same family) took me to my room himself and as he threw open the green shutters, just like in the movie, he pronounced, 'A Room with a View!' as, gasping, I beheld the River Arno and the Ponte Vecchio, feeling like I was in a beautiful dream as that film had captured my soul. However, I was so new to Florence (and had planned my trip in such haste), I had no idea that as it was February, it would also be the beginning of Carnevale. I wandered out from my dreamy hotel into the streets one warm, sultry February night and was swept up in folds of time, of centuries upon centuries once folded neatly, one onto the other - it was as if the sultry winds off the river were suddenly shaking the boundaries of time into the wild, warm air as all the creases blurred; the neat outlines which had divided time into years, decades and centuries became all but a beautiful and confused blur. I felt like I was spinning as I beheld the masked & costumed people from the Medieval time, out-and-about, making merry, singing, laughing, drinking under the golden lights of old temples, marketplaces and the great Duomo. It seemed like I wandered for hours, as if in a dream throughout the lanes and side-streets of Firenze until I felt quite lost, only to walk on and find myself miraculously back in front of my hotel. It is a night I will never forget where time, as we understand it, fell apart at the seams and I experienced one of the richest, most curious nights of my life. This bracelet, 'Carnevale, II,' honors and is named after just such a night in Florence, Italy at Carnival time and my memories of the colorful, regal, velvet fabrics of costumed Italians enjoying one last blitz before settling down for its somber opposite, Lent.

This piece, as with other recent designs, is dripping with top-flight artisan lampwork beads (by 5 different artists both here and abroad) and components. Starting with the bright focal beads of the piece are two large, textured, colorful red/orange beads, brightly textured with dots, spots and raised portals along with gold leaf & wild, modern blooms. Other lampwork include two square 'tile' shaped beads with raised decorations done in lilac and muted orange along with a complimentary round bead in similar shades of purples, oranges and reds. Several organic discs of glass in aqua, cream, blue and orange punctuate the design along with luxe faceted aquamarine rondelles, a stunning pink amethyst nugget, sterling silver beads, rings, spacers and beadcaps.  

"Carnavale, II" is completed with an elegant etched sterling silver toggle clasp and measures 8" in length. Please note that this style of bracelet (a wrap, 2 strand design) is meant to be worn rather loosely. Resizing at purchase & prior to shipping is done at no extra charge. Subsequence re-sizings will incur a fee of $50 to cover time, materials and return postage. 


Mermaid Cove by Rockaway BeachMermaid Cove by Rockaway BeachMermaid Cove by Rockaway Beach
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#2225 Mermaid Cove by Rockaway Beach

Even though we drift ever so slowly toward summertime and road-trips to the sea, I am of the mind that it is never too soon to make a seaside journey if only by design. "Mermaid Cove" is a piece that reminds me of the many day trips I used to make with my grandmother when I was a child to her former home by the sea in Northern California.  We would leave the hot suburbs east of San Francisco and head toward the city, bypassing S.F. for the shortcut to the Pacific Ocean and the town of Pacifica.  On our way, winding down the steep highway along the coast (and before urban sprawl came down to the sea at Pacifica), we would tuck into a tiny corner of the world called, 'Rockaway Beach.'  It was not big enough to be called a village.  It was not a marina.  It was just a handful of old buildings from the 1920's and 1930's (as if from prohibition days), set against a cement breakwater where waves crashed in and raised up in a watery rage that was at once frightening as it was exhilarating.  Grandma would have packed tuna fish sandwiches, a few bananas and some milk and we would eat our lunch in the car, with our windows rolled down beside the breakwater, listening to the rage and powerful roar of the ocean.  I was quite young and it always felt the such a spirited adventure requiring us to be full of courage and might - to go sit beside such a tempestuous Pacific Ocean, meeting at last, at the land of the west coast.
As such, 'Mermaid Cove at Rockaway Beach' is yet another of my newer designs from my Simple Luxe Collection. This piece is a premier lampwork, gemstone 'wrap' bracelet.  That is, two strands of lamp work beads by no less than 5 curated artists who use fine German or Italian glass rods (in a glass studio setting) who create each bead with amazing attention to detail, color & texture.  'Mermaid Cove at Rockaway Beach' also includes stones, gems and sterling (925) silver beads, findings, components and a  SS toggle clasp.
"Mermaid Cove at Rockaway Beach," is a two-strand wrap-bracelet of lampwork, sterling and gemstone done in shades of  blue, lime green, periwinkle, turquoise and peppered with cobalt, clear and dripping with the deep silver shine of handcrafted and ornate sterling silver findings and components.  It is full of unique studio glass beads made by the talents of five esteemed glass artists located both here and abroad.  You will find a plethera of shapes and sizes of lampwork (glass beads made by torch/glass rod in a studio setting & kiln-annealed for durability).  Some beads are textured in shapes including  discs, rondelles, rounds & a tube bead with some beads encased over a colored core & embedded with sterling and others, etched like beach glass.  Along with such a rich variety of lampwork glass beads, you will also find companion gems including faceted aquamarine and quartz rondelles, cream-colored Baroque pearls, blue-fire flash moonstone rondelles, micro-faceted iolite beads all of which, taken together, create a combination that is at once captivating and elegant.  The ensemble of artisan glass beads includes a focal etched blue and green/cobalt etched lentil bead textured like beach glass.  Two elegant clear rounds, one encased in white and one encased in blue are infused with actual sterling silver droplets, buried deep within the glass, making for a dreamlike wave effect, as if caught under glass.  Lampwork discs & an organic round punctuate the design along with Swarovski sterling & crystal rondelles, thick SS rings, Bali silver beads & bead caps and a variety of shapes and sizes of Swarovski crystals including sterling silver rondelles embedded with small clear and colored crystals.  The most powerful focal point of the bracelet, however, is the elegant sterling silver hand-cast sailboat button-bead at the center of one strand.  This solid, sterling bead is sumptuous and mesmerizing and is made by hand, using the old wax technique.  A beautiful vintage, SS mermaid charm along with a SS rowboat & Swarovski encrusted sterling flip-flop charm completes the design along with a sterling Bali silver toggle clasp. The whole bracelet composition reminds me of the strong winds & wild waves of the Pacific crashing against the cliff walls, like on those days with Grandma at 'Mermaid Cove at Rockaway Beach' beside the breakwater and the husks of old prohibition buildings in that small corner on the west coast. "Mermaid Cove at Rockaway Beach" measures 8.5 inches.*
*   Please note that the wrap-design is meant to be worn a little more loosely than other bracelet designs. 


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#2221 "Victoria"

"Victoria" is named for the sterling silver, antique 3 pence coin/charm dated 1899 which is included in this bracelet design. It is an actual coin from the Victorian and Edwardian periods in England. The coin features Queen Victoria on one side and I use it as a charm in this design along with another antique charm of a carriage lamp - the sort of lamps you would find at each side of a horse-drawn carriage door. A bright sterling rose charm done by the famous Karen Hilltribe silver artists of Thailand adds to the floral display of the design which includes a sculpted pale pink tulip, a pink sculptured peony, an amazing encased pink blossom under thick clear glass and a smooth etched daisy-on-pink-swirl lampwork button shaped bead.

The pink floral theme of the bracelet recalls the beautiful and charming neighborhood, gardens and parks of Virginia Woolf's Bloomsbury district in London. Virginia and Thomas Woolf lived and wrote in their London home in the early 20th century. Although her life was complex and crippled by depression and emotional stress, Virginia lived in a lovely, peaceful pocket of London where she enjoyed the intellectual companionship of a circle of writers, artists, family and friends.

'Victoria' is a two-strand bracelet made with curated studio lampwork glass beads, sterling and gems all done in shades of white, clear and pink and dripping with the bright silver shine of handcrafted and ornate sterling findings, charms and components. For a piece so loaded in handcrafted lampwork beads, I drew upon the talents of several esteemed glass artists located both here and abroad. You will find a plethora of shapes and sizes of lampwork, some squares, some slices, rondelles, rounds, encased, etched, hollow and textured. You will find over 12 hand-torched lampwork beads made by 7 different artists. Along with so much .925 sterling silver and lampwork beads, you will find luminous Baroque pearls capped in sterling beadcaps along with faceted pink amethyst nuggets, a clear iolite (stone of the Vikings)briolette, Blue-Fire Flash moonstone discs and rondelles, faceted pink cubic zirconia teardrops, Swarovski rondelles with crystal imbedded in sterling adding points of elegance throughout. You will find a Swarovski cube, faceted rounds, bicones in a variety of sizes, button pearls, bright sterling wavy beadcaps and chubby glass furnace cane beads done by the esteemed glass artist David Christensen. A beautifully ornate solid sterling silver tube bead provides a LUXE focal point and whose folds of sterling texture add depth to the floral theme of the bracelet. Several other SS rings, beads and components finish 'Victoria' which closes with an ornate sterling silver floral toggle-clasp which has Victorian style.  

'Victoria' measures 8.5 inches in length and can be resized at no additional charge. Subsequent re-sizings will incur a $25 fee plus the cost of return shipping. 


"Tidepool" Lampwork & Gemstone Pendant"Tidepool" Lampwork & Gemstone Pendant"Tidepool" Lampwork & Gemstone Pendant
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#2222 "Tidepool" Lampwork & Gemstone Pendant

'Tidepool' is designed around a stunning encased & textured lampwork bead called 'Ocean Within.' This focal bead is created by an esteemed American artist and the 'tidepool' genre is considered her one of her signature-beads. No one quite makes sea-themed beads as well as she does and I am always thrilled to work with her creations. Like most of the curated lampworkers I use, the artist who creates these incredibly complex beads is in a league of her own. The rest of the composition of 'Tidepool' is designed around this focal bead and includes a bright sterling silver starfish (with hollow back), a luminous Baroque pearl capped in a bright sterling daisy beadcap. A beautiful organic bead done in blues under clear glass further suggests the depth of the sea. You will also find a collection of gemstones including:

* Green amethyst faceted heart briolette

* Quartz faceted briolette

A hand-cast sterling silver figure-eight finding completes the pendant which measures 1.75" in length as a cluster. 'Tidepool' is composed of all-sterling silver findings and components.

'Renoir Afternoon''Renoir Afternoon''Renoir Afternoon'
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#6621 'Renoir Afternoon'

One delightful memory from my university years was the day I had to go to declare my major. It was a sunny, beautiful Autumn day in Berkeley, California and I was up at Strawberry Pool, just beyond the football stadium where I relaxed before heading down to campus to meet my major professor for the first time. I was a little pressed for time, having run into one Greek God too many at the pool. As such, I did not take the time to change into more proper campus attire. Instead, I dashed down to campus in cut-off shorts, a red top and my running shoes, uncertain of the protocol of my meeting. To my relief, I was warmly welcomed into Professor Renoir's office and we sat and had a relaxed chat which was at times funny, touching and always genuine. He told me to come to him with any problems I might be having both in school or in my private life or if I just needed to talk. We spoke of his 'favorite girl,' and he pointed at her large portrait on his door - CoCo, the gorilla who could communicate using sign language. When he asked me what I wanted to 'be' when I grew up, I told him that I wanted to be an actress. I felt so at ease with the professor that it was with total abandon that I spoke of my desire to pursue the stage and screen. He listened to me and only after I was done, ever so gently told me that he had many family members who had been in film and theatre and they had known frequent sorrow. I took his words to heart, but it was only some weeks after our meeting that I learned that my dear Professor Renoir was the son of the great film director of "La Grande Illusion," Jean Renoir. Professor Renoir was therefore also the grandson of the luminous French painter, Pierre-Auguste Renoir. In this past week, as I worked with my palette of glass artisan beads in all their spring colors, blending shades of violet, blue, pink with a splash of orange - that I was reminded of Professor Renoir's grandfather and of that warm, autumn day up at Strawberry pool and afterwards, when I dashed down to campus to declare my English major to such a kind & gentle grandson of a great painter. 

'Renoir Afternoon' is an all-artisan crafted, gallery-calibre, double-strand wrap bracelet made entirely of studio & sculptural lampwork glass beads, gemstones, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. Another LUXE design, this is a complex bracelet design in the 'spirit' genre; a complex design invoking the wild moving, alive energy of a time and place gone by and all that means in terms of life and our call upwards to a God or to Gods & Goddesses to help shepherd us on this journey of life. 

'Renoir Afternoon', as with others in my LUXE collection, is awash in top-flight artisan lampwork beads (by 12 different artists located both here and abroad), sterling silver beads & components including beautiful Bali & Thai Hilltribe silver beads and a hand-cast sterling daisy toggle made using the old wax technique. Central to the design, inherent in 'Renoir Afternoon,' is a sumptuous floral focal bead by a local gifted artist. The striking 3-D floral bead shares focus of the bracelet with an amazing long, rectangle lampwork bead by an esteemed German artist. It is as if she paints watercolors in molten glass as she forms her beads in the flame. The painting in this particular bead is of an Iris and Poppy garden in the late afternoon. It is the perfect bead around which to build the rest of the bracelet design both in theme and color. Other glass studio beads include bright sculptural strawberry & blackberry beads, thick violet poppies, whimsical blue encased daisy lentils, elegant disc beads in a variety of colors, a single 'bubble' blue round, looking like so much water in a pond. Among my very favorite lampwork beads in the entire design are organic encased small rounds which have a bumpy texture of rich clear glass and vibrant colors encased in the bead core. I don't know how the artist does it, but her beads always have a wet appearance and make any design just *pop*. A variety of smaller and organic lampwork rounds dangle down around the main strands along with gemstones and sterling. Other beads include glass furnace beads (little 'chubs') by David Christensen in violet & pink; elegant & luminous Baroque pearls, faceted chalcedony, quartz & cubic zirconia briolettes, blue-fire flash moonstone discs, micro-faceted blue flourite, a purple amethyst rondelle, a pink aquarmarine nugget, Sleeping Beauty turquoise chips & most elegant of all, pink sapphire faceted 'tyre' shaped beads which I have stacked together like so many standing-stones. Buried in the design is a very tiny ancient lapis bead from Asia Minor added for that mystical touch, that symbolic 'ties that bind' those of us who are so drawn to beads now and in the long-distant past.

Three bright sterling daisy charms pepper 'Renoir's Afternoon' along with Swarovski sterling & clear crystal rondelles, a thick sterling ring and a vast range of Swarovski crystals in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. 

'Renoir Afternoon,' measures just a tad under 7.5 inches. A 6 inch wrist ought to fit well without being too tight and with just the right amount of slack to make it comfortable and considering the density (but not a heavy weight) of the bracelet. "Renoir Afternoon" can be re-sized at no additional fee as this is a relatively straightforward task to complete. One resizing upon purchase is included in the price, however should subsequent adjustments be required, an additional fee of $50 to cover postage, time & materials will be charged.

$525.00 Sale! $400.00
'Of Fables and Folktales''Of Fables and Folktales''Of Fables and Folktales'
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#7332 'Of Fables and Folktales'

This weekend as I was designing 'Of Fables & Folklore,' I was engrossed watching the BBC's series on the Tudor period of history.  I looked at several of the documentaries and was particularly entranced with a documentary on the 'Tudor Christmas Feast,' in all of its pagentry, ornate detail and laborious processes.  Actual Tudor historians and archeologists completed the feast as a team over the course of several days, using no modern power or gadgets of any sort, but relying only on the tools and techniques of the Tudor era.  The Tudor documentaries took us to some of the famous Halls and Palaces still standing in England including the famous Hampton Court Palace.  The extraordinary tapestries Henry VIII purchased included real gold fibers and were, in their day, shimmering displays of colorful gradeur, adding an almost third dimension to the walls upon which they hung.  It was both the grand Christmas feast with its peacock centerpiece (flaming beak and all) and the golden tapestries of Hampton Court Palace which became my muse for 'Of Fables & Folklore.' 

'Of Fables & Folklore' is an all-artisan crafted, gallery-calibre single strand wrap bracelet made entirely of studio & sculptural lampwork glass beads, gemstones, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. Another LUXE design, this is a complex bracelet design in the 'spirit' genre; a complex design invoking the wild moving, alive energy of a time and place gone by and all that means in terms of life and our call upwards to a God or to Gods & Goddesses to help shepherd us on this journey of life.  

'Of Fables & Folklore', as with others  in my LUXE collection,  is awash in top-flight artisan lampwork beads (by 9 different artists located both here and abroad), sterling silver beads & components including beautiful Bali & Thai Hilltribe silver beads and an ornate Victorian styled Bali sterling silver toggle clasp.  Central to the design, inherent in 'Of Fables & Folklore,' is a sumptuous floral focal bead by a gifted artist from abroad.  It reminds me of the embroidery in the pretty ribbons of the Tudor age and of all the ribboned ornate costumes of the day.  The sculptural companion beads include bright handcrafted strawberries, detailed leaves in two shades of green, two delicate lavender blossoms; lovely large lampwork rounds done in a tartan pattern in the colors of red, orange, peach and purple.  Two enchanting, smaller rounds done in clear with an encased core of orange add wonderful depth and texture with their surface gently scrolled in lavender and dots of bright red.  A variety of smaller and organic lampwork rounds dangle down around the main strand.  Other beads include glass furnace beads in violet; elegant & luminous Baroque pearls, chalcedony briolettes and Swarovski crystal butterflies in a lovely shade of teal.  Two sterling silver Bali beads are capped in silver bead caps making them look like small nuts. A sterling silver berry-shaped bead finishes the strand at the large toggle end along with a substantial handwrought sterling ring.  Large faceted nuggets of pink aquamarine work well as backdrop for the colorful ensemble of lampwork beads.  Other sterling silver include two small hand-cast shields that rest under organic encased purple beads. 'Of Fables and Folklore,' measures just a tad over 9 inches.   A  7.5 - 7.75 inch wrist fits this 9.25 inch bracelet ought to fit well without being too tight and with just the right amount of slack to make it comfortable.   "Of Fables & Folklore" can be re-sized at no additional fees as this is a relatively straightforward task to complete. One resizing upon purchase is included in the auction price, however should subsequent adjustments be required, an additional fee of $50 to cover postage, time & materials will be charged.

'Storm at Sechelt''Storm at Sechelt''Storm at Sechelt'
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#11127 'Storm at Sechelt'

The seaside town of Sechelt is a traditionally a fuel-stop enroute to Earl's Cove,  the second ferrry terminal on Highway 101 North in B.C., Canada. Normally, on our trip north to 'camp' (Savary Island), it is a jam to be first off the first ferry, hitting the road, going to the max allowed speed limit, taking all the old-timer secret short-cuts just to get that much closer to Earl's Cove, an hour away, where we catch the final ferry in our race north, on the Sunshine Coast.  We have been making the journey since I was five years old, most every summer, as we drove north from the S.F. Bay Area to our summer cabin in Canada.  But Sechelt, aside from being an understated Sausalito, CA or Newport, OR  is also a town that opens, exposed, to a wilder stretch of the inland passage (Georgia Strait) between B.C.'s mainland and the length of Vancouver Island.  As such, when a southwester blows in, the seas can be especially tempestuous and wild, causing many a small vessel to toss about like a small toy, especially if  boats are caught off-guard or if the weather arrives ahead of schedule.  Such was the case when my newly married parents took their classic cabin-cruiser, the Graycine out for an overnight trip in the 'honeymoon' years before having children.  The storm on this particular weekend was wicked, wild and the boat's engine suddenly quit, its engine engulfed with 'drink' and utterly disengaged from power.  There was no fixing it, especially in the dangerous high seas.  Even the radio had quit and darkness was upon them. My mother, a city-girl and land-lover, quietly wept in the galley as my strong & able father attached the dingy to the bow and started rowing his new wife and the Graycine through the pouring rain, high winds and the fierce, high waves ... until at last they reached the breakwater at the small marina in Sechelt.  It is a story my mom liked to tell every other year as we passed through Sechelt, stopping to gas-up at the only gas station in town.  Such, is the muse and backstory to 'Storm at Sechelt.'

'Storm at Sechelt' is a gallery-calibre 3-strand wrap bracelet made entirely of studio lampwork beads, gemstones, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. Another LUXE design, this is a complex bracelet design in the 'spirit' genre; a complex design invoking the wild moving, alive energy of a wicked-good storm and all that means in terms of life and dancing with death when mariners are caught unprepared.  Only those who know how to be one with the sea and weather can hope to ride out such a storm, much less save a damsel in distress. 

This piece, as with others  of my LUXE collection,  is awash in top-flight artisan lampwork beads (by 8 different artists both here and abroad) and components. Starting with the magnificent tidepool-under-tempestuous-waves bead as the focal point around which all the other beads unify to make a piece of living sculptural jewelry.  The German artist responsible for the tidepool focal is especially gifted at creating beads as microcosms of a greater whole - whether it is a pond, a meadow, a forest or a tidepool.  She is able to capture the spirit of being alive in her work with molten glass and we are all the better for it.  Companion beads include the work of another gifted glass artist and her interpretation of stormy seas under a skeleton sun overhead of the storm.  Other lampwork of note is a textured round bead with glass portals popping out as pods which is done in a light mint green, cream, light bronze and clear, like an abstract anemone of a tidepool.  You will also find several textured, small organic encased rounds, other rounds etched like beach glass and sand-colored beads with dimples and lines of sterling silver.  Among my favorite second-string lampwork are the round, smooth white beads with tiny drops of bright sterling silver embedded deep within the still, cold glass.  These beautifully created lampwork beads are so elegant that using them in any design automatically sets the whole piece in a league of its own. "Storm at Sechelt" incorporates lots of lovely, sensual and edgy precious and semi-precious gemstones which include:  Blue-fire flash moonstone rondelles, chips of aqua colored apatite in two shades, one more transparent and the other, a more milky shade of aqua. Creamy colored keishi pearls and Baroque pearls capped in white sterling beadcaps lend elegance and depth to 'Storm at Sechelt' along with smooth, large faceted nuggets of clear quartz. Blue-fire laboradite flashes in small coin beads, adding the perfect contrasting color to a sea under siege from the winds and storm above. Over 50 sterling silver braided, plain rings & beadcaps, wavy silver discs, daisy spacers pepper the three strands, providing that bright, silver flash in the midst of so much color - much like the silver-on-the-sea on a too sunny day at the sea when the light is almost blinding as it comes off the water.  Three solid sterling charms complete 'Storm at Sechelt' and include a detailed lighthouse and its keeper's cottage, a schooner under sail and a wee sea turtle who hangs on a bright sterling chain at the junction of the three strands.  'Storm at Sechelt' is finished with a sterling silver lobster clasp and receptacle set and measures just under 9 inches in length.  Because of the dynamics of the 3-strand wrap design, with three strands parallel to each other in close proximity, the measurement must take into account certain bulk of the beads (though not weight, thankfully).  My 7 inch wrist fits this 8.75 inch bracelet perfectly without being too tight and with just the right amount of slack to make it comfortable.   



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'Koi Pond Origami Day''Koi Pond Origami Day''Koi Pond Origami Day'
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#712 'Koi Pond Origami Day'

'Koi Pond Origami Day' reminds me of the time, many years ago, when I went to hear His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, speak at the Greek Theatre on the campus of U.C. Berkeley, my alma mater. The Greek Theatre was packed to the gills and after an electric hour, hearing the Dalai Lama speak, I thought to skip the Tibetan dance performance and get ahead of the crowds, flocking out of the Greek and into the day's commute hour. As I stood on the sidewalk just outside the Greek, waiting to cross the street to cut through campus, someone yelled, 'there he is!' As if in slow motion, I looked up and came face-to-face with His Holiness, who was hanging out of his limo window, smiling and looking right into my eyes. I said, 'well, hello there!' as if he was a long, lost neighbor. After the limo had passed, bystanders rushed up to me, exclaiming, 'boy you were sure at the right place, at the right time!' It was a moment etched in time that I shall never forget. And I remember that morning dressing so carefully in a long, cream lace dress, oiling my skin and announcing to the office that I had dressed up to see His Holiness. Co-workers scoffed, 'Julie! He will never see you, the Greek is going to be packed with 100,000 people!' Guess they were wrong and the fates had different plans.
In any case, 'Koi Pond Origami Day' reminds me of just that moment frozen in time and the warmth and humility of a holy man living his words, walking his talk. Truly a feeling of peace and joy radiated from the slow-moving long, black limo and the happy, smiling face of a sacred man, greeting me on a Berkeley sidewalk, one warm summer's day.
So..the beads. These are some of the most stunning sculptural beads you might hope to find called, "Koi Pond.' The gifted glass artist rarely makes them anymore and I was very fortunate to luck into a set of them. When I sat down to create a piece around these beads, I honestly had no idea I was going to go for broke and make such a fun, colorful blend of colors around the otherwise serene scene of the beads. "Koi Pond Origami Day' is a wrap-styled bracelet comprised of three strands of stone, gemstones, freshwater Baroque pearls, Austrian Swarovski crystal, sterling silver and studio crafted lampwork beads by over 9 different artists located both here, in Germany and the UK.
Companion beads include
* Large blue-flash moonstone faceted nuggets
* Faceted amethyst rondelles in large and small sizes
* Petite faceted pink amethyst nuggets from Brazil
* Gorgeous faceted peridot slender nuggets
* Faceted cubic zirconia teardrop beads
* Bold orange carnelian nugget
* Luscious, creamy freshwater baroque pearls
* Rouge sterling silver rings (large & small) by a metal artisan using the old wax technique
* Sterling silver work by Thailand's famous Karen Hilltribe artisans including the origami box, closed lotus flower beads & bead caps
* Sterling silver Buddha, temple & bright silver flower charms
* A Garden Soup of nationally & internationally handmade lampwork beads!
"Koi Pond Origami Day" measures 8 inches, however because of its design, cannot be resized. However, although each piece I design is a one-of-a-kind, I can create a custom order using beads from the same lampwork bead sets from the artist whose work I still have 'on file' in my studio. Although it will not be an exact duplicate of 'Koi Pond Origami Day,' I can create something very, very close to the original design. 
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"Daisy Days""Daisy Days""Daisy Days"
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#312 "Daisy Days"

"Daisy Days" is another of my newer designs from my Simple Luxe Collection. This piece is a lampwork, gemstone 'wrap' or three-strand bracelet. That is, three strands of lampwork, stones, gems, white & regular sterling (925) and some lovely sterling charms including: a small rogue handmade 'DAISY' charm created by a local gifted artist using the old-wax casting technique. The same metalsmith also completed the dainty rouge-daisy toggle clasp made of solid sterling. Stunning pure white, clear & red/white studio lampwork beads (*at least 12 individual lampwork beads) were created by six esteemed lampwork artists living here and abroad and make up 'Daisy Days.' You will find a magnificent 'spankle' white round with swirls of white punctuated by real sterling droplets of silver encased in the glass. The swirls of white look like a moving scarf in the wind. These spankle beads are an original design of a gifted English artist. Her beads are difficult to come by as she sells most of her work locally. Also of note, are the clear/white bubble beads - like bubbles of water trapped under glass. The focal set of lampwork are created by the ever-talented, Catherine Steele. These include her encased red, clear & white daisy lentils & her actual daisy sculptural beads. I never tire of working with her daisy encased beads and as I was longing for full-on Spring this weekend, this seemed like the perfect time to pull out her cheerful daisy lentils set.
The piece is punctuated with AAA faceted quartz nuggets, freshwater Baroque & button, red furnace heart beads by the esteemed furnace glass artist Christensen, a large faceted chunky moonstone nugget and slim rondelles which flashes blue in just the right light and lots of white sterling findings, clear, red, opaque Swarovski crystal beads, sterling silver beads and accents. 'Daisy Days' is an elegant landscape of cascading beads for the season of unfolding green and color spots as gardens around the country start to offer up early blooms, preparing for an abundant, happy growing season (non-GMO seeds, of course).* For those unfamiliar with 'lampwork' beads - these are individual works of glass art created by gifted artists using rods of glass and a torch. There is a whole collectors' world of lampwork bead enthusiasts along with designers who use them in their jewelry work. Although some lampwork beads are now made en masse in China and beyond, my designs use only lampwork created by top-flight studio artists.As a quick aside, I read just yesterday that a color trend of Spring, 2012 is a pure and 'blinding' white. I must admit I was swooning when I saw an elegant, silk, flowing suit - perfectly tailored on a tall, elegant young woman. It is nice to see the pure color of white 'on trend' again!'Daisy Days' measures a firm 8.25 inches with very little give - this particular design is meant to have a snug fit as three separate strands against the wrist, quite unlike my signature dangle designs or my playful 2 strand wrap design. An 8.25 inch bracelet would best fit someone with a 6.50 or 6.75 inch wrist.
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