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** Custom Orders

This is a page for me to put up custom orders which have been completed. These bracelets are not for sale.  They are already sold.  However, if you would like to discuss a custom order, please send me an email ~  I'd be delighted to work with you!

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"Sea Goddess" & " English Rose" - Reserved for Naomi"Sea Goddess" & " English Rose" - Reserved for Naomi"Sea Goddess" & " English Rose" - Reserved for Naomi
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#53441 "Sea Goddess" & " English Rose" - Reserved for Naomi

Custom Multiple Order for Naomi:

1. Sea Goddess:
So often it is the work of the lampwork artists with whom I collaborate which serve as my muse. Some beads really send me...and I am driven, as if by a powerful, poetic wind, to sit down at the bead table and bring all the forces to bear on a bracelet design that is simply meant to be.  The focal of 'Sea Goddess' is one of those beads.  The central glass portal on the top of surface of the bead (on both sides) is so magical and so dreamy, reminding me at once of a large rain drop and of a mysterious, luminous cosmic bubble through which all dreams might come true.
This particular bead is tough for me to part with - it has so much going on - the bead itself is as if alive - at least for me.  I can see a beach and sea scene in the midst of a strong wind, the water tossing about in shades of turquoise, aqua and busy with whitecaps, all under a swirling violet sky.  The beach is wet, cluttered with glossy shells and rocks - a wild beach, untended and remote.
Because this bead is at once ethereal and raw, it seemed only fitting that I create a sea goddess theme showing the force of Mother Nature creating such a beautiful backdrop of life.  Two rouge sterling (old wax technique, not mass produced) goddess charms, designed after the original forms found in Mesopotamia when religion of the people was centered on Gaia or mother-goddess, command the bracelet with one charm placed  on each side of the bracelet; hence the namesake of the bracelet.

2. The English Rose:

This design is a small departure from my usual design model.  I lucked upon some stunning sterling chain, large, oval loops done in thick, substantial, polished sterling.  It sparked a design in me that was spare, elegant, clean, classic and chunky. Bold, but stunning.  The theme is the approaching spring (in the western hemisphere, at any rate) and, as always, the explosion of roses in  my garden. As such, this is a piece done in icy pink, warm pink, medieval pink with lots of stunning clear and lots of sterling silver.

Multiple Purchase Special with Intl Express Shipping/Insurance:  $522.91

Thanks so much, Naomi!
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'Jamestown, II' - Custom Order Beverly'Jamestown, II' - Custom Order Beverly'Jamestown, II' - Custom Order Beverly
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#2229 'Jamestown, II' - Custom Order Beverly

'Jamestown' is the name of the many masted tall-ship charm so elegantly done which inspired my design of this piece. I have seen so many old sea towns with old mansions high up on the hills overlooking the ports and I have been told (by my sea-faring father), that those were the houses of the sea captains and allowed their wives perfect visibility as they awaited their man's long over-due return from the sea.

Once again, Heather Davis' picture perfect beads filled in the blanks of my design as I imagined the splendor of the mansion and its gardens so carefully tended while she waited and waited and the days passed.

As many of you know, Heather Davis of Blissfulgarden Beads, her beads are always a treat to work with and she is regarded somewhat as the 'royalty' of lampworkers. Her focal lentil is done in a etched sand with lavender florals and faint swirls of color on the base. This is accompanied by her absolutely amazing rendition of her peony lampwork flowers - two of them - along with some simple sand colored spacers. It was a joy to work with her beads and put this design together. I thought I was only sitting down to marvel at the beads one evening and pretty soon it was 1AM and I was nearly finished with a design!

In composing 'Jamestown,' I built the design in colors around Heather's beads using semi-precious gemstones, white sterling coil beads among other beads. You will find:

* Lilac chalcedony faceted briolettes
* Stunning top quality clear Lolite teardrops (so elegant)
* 3-D blue petaled lampwork flowers by Beadintrigue
* Swarovski creamrose pearls capped in white sterling beadcaps
* Two white sterling Hilltribe lotus flowers
* Swarovski faceted cubes, bicones and tiny rounds
* Sculpted clay roses by published artist, D. Jean Vainio
* A Captain's wheel sterling charm
* A Hilltribe rosebud in white sterling
* The handsome sterling Jamestown tall-ship charm
* A star charm (to navigate by)
* Hilltribe white coil and sterling droplet beads for texture & contrast

'Jamestown' is finished with an ornate and lovely Bali silver toggle clasp and measures @ 8 inches and can be resized at no additional charge.

Note that all my photos are taken in natural lighting. I tend to wait until the late afternoon when I can capture the depth and texture of the piece and the individual shine and angles of each bead. I did include a few shots of the piece in full sunlight in order to capture the elegant sparkle of the piece.

Total Price: $325.00
Shipping: $5.55
Final Deposit shown, including shipping

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