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This is a page for me to put up custom orders which have been completed. These bracelets are not for sale.  They are already sold.  However, if you would like to discuss a custom order, please send me an email ~  I'd be delighted to work with you!

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'Nantucket Lightship Basket, VI''Nantucket Lightship Basket, VI''Nantucket Lightship Basket, VI'
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#5889 'Nantucket Lightship Basket, VI'

I have been so enchanted by the  heritage & history of the traditional Nantucket Lightship baskets and have taken great joy in composing bracelets to match the impression I have of the baskets and their native Nantucket. Like the others I designed (all one-of-a-kind) with this muse, this one is *the* sentimental charm bracelet for summers spent, like annual winds, on the island. It is a cornucopia of some of the most talented lampwork bead artists with whom I have had the pleasure to work. 
'Nantucket Lightship Basket, VI' is comprised of several lampwork artists' beads.  The two, large round knobby pillow beads are done by renowned Australian artist, Nellie Mae.  When she entered the US market, she was little known and her bead prices were pricey, but nowhere near what she is able to fetch for them today.  I was very fortunate to collect 5 or 6 sets of her work.  Also, after a year or so of creating lampwork sets of beads, she has all but abandoned that style and is now almost exclusively making  Pandora lampwork beads, fetching up to $40 or more for one bead. It is no mistake, however, since her work is so original and mesmerizing.  You won't find lampwork beads like the ones she creates.  As I used to say of Nellie Mae's work, you start to work with them and soon the beads are telling the story and not the other way around.  These two lampwork beads by her are the rolling sea, the generous curl of waves and the color of sea in the afternoon on a clear, summer's day, when the sun casts silver on the ocean.  She uses shades of blue, turquoise with curls of silver sparkles and then sensual whisps of white encased under clear glass.  The very depth of the colors beneath the glass is intriguing.  You can look on forever and deeper and deeper.
Companion lampwork are done by a top-flight American glass artist.  Her work is at once edgy and complex done in a tubular shape and colored in transparent blues, teal, turquoise & purple (rather like a Monet) and peppered with silver flecks, clear bumpies and on the center bead, generous scrolls of 24K gold swaths of embedded metal. I absolutely love the ensemble of the two sets - at once rich, textured and very sophisticated. 
Other lampwork beads in the piece include:  3D flowers by artists Heather (Bead Intrigue) and Serena Smith.  Heather also makes the small, transparent green leaves and whimsical polka dot lampwork discs.  Serena is the artist of the royal purple tulips, looking glossy and wet petaled.

In composing 'Nantucket Lightship Basket,' I created my design in colors around the lampwork beads using semi-precious gemstones,  sterling Bali beads and other  beads. You will find:
* Luminous, AAA faceted ice-blue aquamarine rondelles

* Faceted large teal teardrop quartz beads

*Swarovski bicones in a variety of colors & sizes
* Transparent aqua lampwork spacers by another studio artist

* Faceted Swarovski cubes in two colors

* Thai Hilltribe bright silver coil beads, hammered oval rings
* Bali silver daisy spacers & twisted rope rings & pins

* Quality cane/furnace beads by the esteemed glass artist, Penrose

Accenting the entire piece are the most glorious sterling charms I could imagine ~ a large vermeil gold (24K gold over .999 sterling silver), a woven basket, a catamaran, an anchor & rope and a tiny seashorse.  Although I don't haunt the isle of Nantucket, I do go north to my own island most summers - Savary - in British Columbia and have done so, since I was 4 years old. So, I understand island life and have always thought of myself as an island girl, even when I am 1000 miles south in the suburbs of California.  And I am very fortunate to have been asked by an esteemed Martha's Vineyard art gallery, Carlin Eliot Fine Arts, to showcase my work in her gallery. I am her only jewelry designer and my work is displayed in a gorgeous French antique Provencal standing case purchased just for my collection.

'Nantucket Lightship Basket' is completed with a square Bali silver toggle clasp made by the Bali silver artisans and measures just over 8.5 inches, suitable for a size 7 inch wrist.  Resizing is possible at no additional charge.

Sold out!  Thanks so much!

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'Peer Gynt, II'   For Ellen'Peer Gynt, II'   For Ellen'Peer Gynt, II'   For Ellen
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#99112 'Peer Gynt, II' For Ellen

I am so happy to introduce this piece. It is called 'Peer Gynt's Secret.'  It incorporates the lampwork beads of several artists, the three most prominent being a vastly talented German glass artist named Gabrielle (focal lampwork, custom ordered) along with work by Catherine Steele (red strawberry sculptural beads), River Oak Acre beads (light aqua filligina rounds), Heather of Bead Intrigue (green leaves, white/yelllow petaled flowers), Serena Smith (yellow/orange blend petaled flowers & red tulips) and Betty Hanssen (bright blue small rounds) and an unknown lampworker (green foil lampwork).
As I worked with the cornucopia of handcrafted art glass in beads, I kept thinking of Norway and specifically, the colorful, folkloric designs of Norwegian sweaters, especially Dale of Norway designs which incorporate so many local, traditional patterns which have endured for centuries, identifying a village or an area such as Telemark.  Tho' I am a California girl, born & bred, I sometimes wish I lived in an icy climate, if only to wear the colorful woolens of Norway.
If I could have done it, I'd have named this piece, 'Norwegian Sweater,' but that was not exactly exciting enough and so my mind wandered to my many, many trips to Norway and the celebrated music of Edvard Grieg and the works of playwright, Henrik Ibsen.  When I look at the colorful, meadow-like beads from Gabrielle, the play 'Peer Gynt' came to mind and I found myself remembering days wandering in Gudbrandsdalen, an area in Norway where much of the play takes place on a mythic level of reality with the powerful, cunning Troll King and his daughter.  Gudbrandsdalen is a place that looks like this bracelet in late Springtime when it is abloom in wild flowers, with cold mountain streams carrying mountain run-off down to the fjords.  So there it is, 'Peer Gynt's Secret.' (Sorry for being so long-winded.  My deep, enduring love of Norway does that to me).
Like the other pieces I have designed using her work, Gabrielle's complex lampwork beads is where my inspiration begins.  These large oblong lampwork beads are nothing short of spectacular as art pieces in and by themselves.  To surround them with corresponding and companion colors only adds to their splendor and highlights their intensity.  These beads look like paintings of a folkloric meadow in Gudbrandsdalen, alive with wild flowers, the approaching long summer nights of light, the stars twinkling in the light blue sky of night, the deep blue streams and rivers, fierce & noisy with ice-melt. 
Further, I am reminded of some of the fine Scandinavian glasswerks (glassworks) - especially the colorful glass fun of Orefors.  Whenever I am in the Copenhagen airport waiting to connect to Oslo, I am always pulled like a magnet into the Orefors store, if only for a quick look-see.

 In this midst of rich composition, you will also find the following beads & stones:
* Faceted Icy blue Aquamarine rondelles capped in daisy spacers
* Furnace beads by David Christensen in two shades
* Freshwater pearls capped in bright Bali silver petal beadcaps
* Delicate Sleeping Beauty Turquoise teardrops
* Swarovski faceted cubes in blue
* Swarovski butterfly beads in Siam red
* Swarovski bicones variety of colors & sizes
* Thai Hilltribe silver large wildflower charm
* Two Thai Hilltribe silver small wildflower charm

Like others of my designs using Gabrielle's lampwork as a focal point, 'Peer Gynt's Secret' is an art-piece, perhaps more so than most lampwork designs.  It would be beautiful on one's wrist, or in a glass case with spot lighting.  The piece, while having an appearance of great weight and substance, is actually fairly light-weight on the wrist.
Now exactly what is 'Peer Gynt's Secret?'  That is for you to discover, as you wear this art piece into the starry, starry time of a good night.
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