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'Autumn Tideline  II''Autumn Tideline  II''Autumn Tideline  II'
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#2227 'Autumn Tideline II'

As many of you know, I consider myself an island girl, a woman of the far north and of the sea.  Born of a sea-going father and a mother who was raised beside the sea, there is no place I find greater comfort in, than by the ocean or far away at sea with nothing but the distant horizon before me.  Many years ago, I voyaged around Cape Horn enroute to Antarctica by way of Drake's Passage, known for its wild and tumultuous waves.  Young and agile, I danced to the dramatic shifting of the ship from left to right as it rolled on the waves dark fury, rounding Cape Horn. It was a time of perfect bliss. Following a magical, surrealistic week spent exploring the Antarctic Peninsula, we crossed the ocean again, bound for the mystical & remote Falkland Islands.  It was there, on the cold and empty beaches that I found whole and perfect bottles, etched by the sea like so much beachglass.  As whole bottles, etched and worn perhaps by long decades, it was pure treasure. Since these few bottles  were considered 'trash,' I was allowed to take them home.  'Autumn Tideline' is a design remembering the walks on those remote and chilly stretches of wide, open sand in late Autumn.  Although I don't incorporate sea bottles into this design, I do use a magical hollow (but thickly layered) glass orbs, which look like the well-known and sought after floaters from Japanese fishermen's nets.  Along the West Coast and especially in Washington state, local islanders would sneak out in the dark hours of night as the high tide was coming in, in order to collect the treasures of the sea.  One fellow back in the 1980's gathered 35 sea-balls or floaters in one night after a particularly busy storm at sea.  It is the idea of the 'treasure' balls of the tideline after an abundant storm tosses them, after decades in the sea, finally onto a tideline. 
A bracelet to celebrate one's time at any special beach,  'Autumn Tideline' is *the* sentimental charm bracelet for time spent, like annual winds, on a favorite stretch of sand and dunes beside the sea. It is a composition created with some of the most talented lampwork bead artists with whom I have had the pleasure to work.  Among the most striking lampwork beads is this set by an American artist whose signature bead is what I call 'mystic portal' beads - that is, encased colors under a thick layer of clear or lightly colored glass and peppered with swirls and dots and portals of glass on the surface of each bead.  The colors and textures are playful & rich and one could get lost just looking at them.  Hers are also the round bumpies and are a perfect match to her portal set.  Other lampwork include:
* Etched taupe discs, amber flowers by Heather of BeadIntrigue
* Hand-formed organic encased beads by a wonderful artist in Netherlands.  She calls them pebbles & these are rich gold with light shades of pink under thick, clear glass.
* Stout raspberrry beads by a wonderful Israeli glass artist
* Several sizes of organic rounds by an Oregon glass master
* Etched and silvered cream rounds by yet another gifted American artist
* A perfect sculptural seashell by Catherine Steele of 'Art with Heart,' perhaps the bead artist of all time whose work has inspired creation after creation in my studio.
* A central, large lampwork flower in cream, gold & light amythest defines 'Autumn Harvest' and seems to mimic the two vermiel gold Hilltribe sand-dollar charms.  Swarovski beads, including a silver moon along with vermeil gold and sterling silver beads, components and findings completed 'Autumn Tideline' which is finished with a gorgeous, solid vermeil gold Bali toggle clasp.  'Autumn Tideline' measures about 8.5 inches and can be resized for no additional fees.

'Autumn Tideline' is a gallery piece, pure in its design and is only about the powerful beauty of the sea under wind & sail, sunny days, sun slipping below the horizon and about the magical starry skies under a full moon, those mystic portals and elusive, colorful  Japanese sea-floats.  It is a bracelet to celebrate the Autumn sea, the North Sea, the Antarctic sea and all oceans in-between.

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'Koi Pond & the Berry Patch''Koi Pond & the Berry Patch''Koi Pond & the Berry Patch'
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#2226 'Koi Pond & the Berry Patch'

I am thrilled to announce my designing lull finally seems to have broken and I am up most nights until 2am, starting a design in the mysterious quiet of the night.  I suppose it was the long, wet spring and the dour worldwide news which had me lulled into beading lethargy. Now, it seems I am going for gold and dipping into my top premier lampwork beads (most expensive) to make my visions come true.  This one is called 'Koi Pond & the Berry Patch.'  It incorporates the lampwork beads of several artists, perhaps the most prominent being Catherine Steele, a gifted American artist along with several international artists - from Germany, Netherlands to Israel & Russia!
'Koi Pond & the Berry Patch' reminds me of the time, many years ago, when I went to hear His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, speak at the Greek Theatre on the campus of U.C. Berkeley, my alma mater.  The Greek Theatre was packed to the gills and after hearing the Dalai Lama speak, I thought to skip the Tibetan dance performance and get ahead of the crowds, flocking out of the Greek and into the day's commute hour.  As I stood on the sidewalk just outside the Greek, waiting to cross the street to cut through campus, someone yelled, 'there he is!' As if in slow motion, I looked up and came face-to-face with His Holiness, who was hanging out of his limo window, smiling and looking right into my eyes. I said, 'well, hello there!' as if he was a long, lost neighbor.  After the limo had passed by, bystanders rushed up to me, exclaiming, 'boy you were sure at the right place, at the right time.'  It was a moment etched in time that I shall never forget.  And I remember that morning dressing so carefully in a long, cream lace dress, oiling my skin and announcing to the office that I had dressed up to see His Holiness.  Co-workers scoffed, 'Julie!  He will never see you, the Greek is going to be packed with 100,000 people!'  Guess they were wrong and the fates had different plans.
In any case, 'Koi Pond & the Berry Patch' reminds me of just that moment frozen in time and the warmth and humility of the holy man living his words, walking his talk.  Truly a feeling of peace and joy radiated from the slow-moving long, black limo and the happy, smiling face of a sacred man, greeting me on a Berkeley sidewalk, one summer's day.
So..the beads.  These are some of the stunning sculptural beads of Catherine Steele called, "Koi Pond.'  She rarely makes them anymore and I was very fortunate to luck into a set of them.  When I sat down to create a piece around these beads, I honestly had no idea I was going to go for broke and make such a fun, colorful blend of colors around the otherwise serene scene of the beads.  At the end of my work, however, I was so happy and thrilled with the final result.  It is just perfect (bragging aside..) and I could not be any happier.

Companion lampwork beads include 
*  Yellow/orange blend 3D daisies & rosebud lampwork beads by published lampwork artist, Serena of SJDS
*  Large green barrel shaped beads by a tremendously gifted German glass artist who I work with a lot
*  Gorgeous organic round mini beads in a variety of shades made by a west coast artist * Organic violet 'pebbles' by an esteemed European artist, blueberries, strawberries and green leaves by a talented Israeli artist who generously custom makes me sets of glass berries * Ruby red, juicy raspberry and transparent lilac flower bells by a gifted Russian artist and finally, one finely crafted purple leaf by yet another German artist.  The focal 3D flower bead is by a European-American artist who is very highly esteemed for her work, both sculptural and traditional.  A Garden Soup of internationally made lampwork beads!

Other beads and semi-precious gemstones include:
* Aquamarine stone rondelles (very elegant)
* Swarovski crystals in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors
* Bali sterling spacer beads & lacy beadcaps
* Sterling flower charm created by a silver artist in the USA
* Sterling rogue handcrafted star toggle using the old wax technique for casting silver
'Koi Pond & the Berry Patch' measures just over 8.5 inches and can be resized for no additional charge. 
This piece, 'Koi Pond & the Berry Patch' is one of those showpieces and makes a statement about life:
'The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.' (Buddha)

Sold!  Thank you!
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