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'Bloomsbury II''Bloomsbury II''Bloomsbury II'
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#46511 'Bloomsbury II'

Over 20 years ago when I was in London, enroute to Turkey I took a few days to see the city before heading on to Istanbul. Because I had been an English major at university, I was especially eager to see some of the old haunts of some of my favorite writers, Virginia Woolf being foremost among them. So, between visits to Westminster Abbey, The British Museum, the Tower of London and Piccadilly Circus, I also sought out Bloomsbury, the London district where Virginia and Leonard Woolf had lived. I remember being struck by the lovely, shady park nearby named Bedford Square and the quiet of the neighborhood.  It seemed like such a peaceful part of London to live and work and I could only imagine those days-gone-by.  It was my last day in London and our airport cab was coming soon.  I was literally running, trying to find the historic placard announcing her house.  The houses were row houses, all formal and neat white homes with black doors, shutters and polished brass knockers and perfectly wrought iron fences - an upscale place then and now.  Just before I was about to give up, I found it...the cobalt blue historic placard... and stood for just a moment imagining Virginia, her sister and their circle of intellectual friends as well as considering both her internal torment and her profound genius.  I don't much believe in shrines (unless I make it myself), but this was as moving to me as a visit to Machu Picchu or Ephesus. Needless to say, I went leaping with joy back to the hotel and my waiting mother.

In any case (long-winded), 'Bloomsbury, II' is a piece inspired by that day. It is a lovely, ornate design and if anything is a reflection of a pretty Victorian English Garden, park or city square in all of its detail and elegance and framed by an iron fence.
'Bloomsbury II' is a two-strand wrap bracelet of lampwork, sterling and stone all done in shades of purple, lavender, lilac, periwinkle & violet with shadings of  white, grey and dripping with the deep silver shine of handcrafted and ornate sterling silver findings & components.
For a piece so loaded in unique lampwork glass, I drew upon the talents of eight esteemed glass artists located both here and abroad. You will find a plethora of shapes and sizes of lampwork (glass beads made by torch and glass rod in a studio setting & kiln-annealed for durability). Some beads are textured in shapes including 3-D flowers, discs, rondelles, rounds; some with encased florals or cores and others textured, like sand. Along with such a rich variety of lampwork  glass beads, you will also find companion gems including  exquisitely faceted purple cubic zirconia; purple amethyst rondelles; blue-fire-flash moonstone rondelles; stunning steel-blue faceted iolite nuggets (navigational stone of the Vikings); cream & ivory Baroque pearls which, together, create a combination that is at once captivating, elegant and reminiscent of a bygone time. The ensemble of studio artisan glass beads include a very complex encased violet floral round, looking as if a dainty bloom were caught, petal-by-petal, frozen in the center of a glass orb; a beautiful deep purple 'button' round covered with lilac blooms; an encased bumpy round in periwinkle & lime with glass portals texturing the surface; small organic lampwork rounds; a sumptuous blackberry bead which contrasts so nicely against the sterling silver ornate scroll tube bead.  Other lampwork include discs in greys, black with polka dots & iridescent pearl & clear discs.  Taken together with the opulent sterling silver (beadcaps, daisy spacers, rings & Bali silver beads), in particular the exclusive, solid sterling long, ornate sterling scroll tube bead, 'Bloomsbury II' is a solid LUXE piece of wearable art. In a wrap design, the two strands create an endless effect of luscious chaos. Lots of Swarovski crystal beads & components pepper the background of the design, in particular the Swarovski sterling & clear rondelles, the lilac cube & a lone grey butterfly and clear tiny bloom crystal bead. 'Bloomsbury II' is a stand-alone design perhaps best worn with small pearl or diamond stud earrings for the the most striking effect with any couture ensemble.
"Bloomsbury II" measures 8.5 inches in length. The wrap-design is meant to be worn more loosely than other bracelet designs. Because of the complexity of this design, 'Bloomsbury II' cannot be resized, however I can offer an option for a custom order of a very similar design. While it will not duplicate "Bloomsbury II" exactly, due to the one-of-a-kind nature of every bead and sterling component, I can get awfully close. Please inquire. 
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'The Dunes' - Sold - Sierra Club Silent Auction Donation 10/22/2015'The Dunes' - Sold - Sierra Club Silent Auction Donation 10/22/2015'The Dunes' - Sold - Sierra Club Silent Auction Donation 10/22/2015
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#331 'The Dunes' - Sold - Sierra Club Silent Auction Donation 10/22/2015

When I was a small child, my parents bought waterfront property on a remote island in British Columbia, Canada where they subsequently built a modest A-frame cabin.  This was the early 1960's and back then the only people sharing our rustic island were a small handful of families, most with children close in age to the three of us children.  As the island was so beautifully vacant of people & cottages or roads or shops or really much of anything beyonds its natural splendor, it was a child's paradise.  As such, we kids named parts of the island so that we could quickly identify places to meet for play.  There was 'the springs,' a densely wooded spot where natural springs erupted, bubbling cold & clear from the sandy banks of the island and dribbling all the way down to the tideline on the white beach below.  There was the "Indian Camp' above it on the flatlands within the forest where the Coast Salish First Nation people (in times gone by) had their summer camp, the remnants of which still stood beside bright middens, white with shell leavings.  Then there was the 'Sunset Trail' round Indian Point where we would gather after a full day of play to behold the sun sink ever so slowly behind the snowy peaks of distant Vancouver Island.  And 'the Meadows' - a long bike ride up the Wharf Road and  following a more narrow logging road to the wide, open and dry open space where snakes were plenty and the visage seemed to 'sing' with crickets in the hot & otherwise quiet midday sun.  And finally, there was 'the dunes,' which was the space exactly at the tip of 'Indian Point' and facing North towards Desolation Sound and the Strait of Georgia.  The Dunes were like gentle folds of silk fabric with strands of grasses amidst the shine of fine sand all alone except for one grand turn-of-the-century log cottage which was set back against the woods. All of these places made up our daily destinations, where we planned our days whilst the tide was out all day and before our play could find voice in the lovely, warm full sea, the tide now high and our great big raft at the ready, anchored by the buoys. It is in memory of those beautiful dunes that I created its namesake, reveling in the modest, rich colors of sand mixed with sea, driftwood and strands of fine grasses.  Our island has changed a lot in the past 50 years with cottages and houses cluttering the once vacant places, replacing forests and woods with so much form and noise - so different from those early, golden years when we were children and had paradise in the palm of our hands and somehow knew it.  

'The Dunes' is an all-artisan crafted, gallery-calibre 2-strand wrap bracelet made entirely of studio lampwork glass beads, gemstones, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. Another LUXE design, this is a complex bracelet design in the 'spirit' genre; a complex design invoking the wild moving, alive energy of a time and place gone by and all that means in terms of life and our call upwards to a God or to Gods & Goddesses to help shepherd us on this journey of life.  

This piece, as with others  of my LUXE collection,  is awash in top-flight artisan lampwork beads (by 5 different artists both here and abroad), sterling silver beads & components including beautiful Bali & Thai Hilltribe silver beads and a Bali sterling silver toggle clasp.  Central to the design, inherent in 'The Dunes' is a small collection of disc lampwork beads by a few artists.  You will find modern metallic and iridescent discs, some with polka dots, others in soft, solid taupe or as if coated in golden sand and yet others rubbed down to an earthy, worn look and still others like beach glass discs.  Following the same pattern are stone disc-shaped gems of steel blue iolite, quartz, blue topaz, blue-fire moonstone, encased organic lampwork beads which look like watercolor paintings inside glass pods of irregular shape and size. Other beads include elegant golden Baroque pearls, clear chunky lampwork squares, small white lentil lampwork beads by a Florence-trained glass artist, faceted nuggets of green Aquamarine stones and shimmering grey faceted quartz briolettes. Over 40 pieces of sterling silver findings, beads and components pepper 'The Dunes,' sending glimmers of bright light throughout the piece as the sunlight hits it at certain angles. One large & 2 smaller scallop shells in solid silver enjoy the focus of the bracelet along with beautiful Swarovski  sculpturalcrystals in the shapes of starfish & coral branches, making for a staid, elegant and fetching statement-design of serenity beside the sea which is so imbued with mystery and myth.  'The Dunes' measures just a tad over 8.5 inches.   My 7 inch wrist fits this 8.50 inch bracelet perfectly without being too tight and with just the right amount of slack to make it comfortable.   "The Dunes" can be re-sized at no additional fees as this is a relatively straightforward task to complete. One resizing upon purchase is included in the price, however should subsequent adjustments be required, an additional fee of $50 to cover postage, time & materials will be charged.


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