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'Koi Pond Origami Day''Koi Pond Origami Day''Koi Pond Origami Day'
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#712 'Koi Pond Origami Day'

'Koi Pond Origami Day' reminds me of the time, many years ago, when I went to hear His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, speak at the Greek Theatre on the campus of U.C. Berkeley, my alma mater. The Greek Theatre was packed to the gills and after an electric hour, hearing the Dalai Lama speak, I thought to skip the Tibetan dance performance and get ahead of the crowds, flocking out of the Greek and into the day's commute hour. As I stood on the sidewalk just outside the Greek, waiting to cross the street to cut through campus, someone yelled, 'there he is!' As if in slow motion, I looked up and came face-to-face with His Holiness, who was hanging out of his limo window, smiling and looking right into my eyes. I said, 'well, hello there!' as if he was a long, lost neighbor. After the limo had passed, bystanders rushed up to me, exclaiming, 'boy you were sure at the right place, at the right time!' It was a moment etched in time that I shall never forget. And I remember that morning dressing so carefully in a long, cream lace dress, oiling my skin and announcing to the office that I had dressed up to see His Holiness. Co-workers scoffed, 'Julie! He will never see you, the Greek is going to be packed with 100,000 people!' Guess they were wrong and the fates had different plans.
In any case, 'Koi Pond Origami Day' reminds me of just that moment frozen in time and the warmth and humility of a holy man living his words, walking his talk. Truly a feeling of peace and joy radiated from the slow-moving long, black limo and the happy, smiling face of a sacred man, greeting me on a Berkeley sidewalk, one warm summer's day.
So..the beads. These are some of the most stunning sculptural beads you might hope to find called, "Koi Pond.' The gifted glass artist rarely makes them anymore and I was very fortunate to luck into a set of them. When I sat down to create a piece around these beads, I honestly had no idea I was going to go for broke and make such a fun, colorful blend of colors around the otherwise serene scene of the beads. "Koi Pond Origami Day' is a wrap-styled bracelet comprised of three strands of stone, gemstones, freshwater Baroque pearls, Austrian Swarovski crystal, sterling silver and studio crafted lampwork beads by over 9 different artists located both here, in Germany and the UK.
Companion beads include
* Large blue-flash moonstone faceted nuggets
* Faceted amethyst rondelles in large and small sizes
* Petite faceted pink amethyst nuggets from Brazil
* Gorgeous faceted peridot slender nuggets
* Faceted cubic zirconia teardrop beads
* Bold orange carnelian nugget
* Luscious, creamy freshwater baroque pearls
* Rouge sterling silver rings (large & small) by a metal artisan using the old wax technique
* Sterling silver work by Thailand's famous Karen Hilltribe artisans including the origami box, closed lotus flower beads & bead caps
* Sterling silver Buddha, temple & bright silver flower charms
* A Garden Soup of nationally & internationally handmade lampwork beads!
"Koi Pond Origami Day" measures 8 inches, however because of its design, cannot be resized. However, although each piece I design is a one-of-a-kind, I can create a custom order using beads from the same lampwork bead sets from the artist whose work I still have 'on file' in my studio. Although it will not be an exact duplicate of 'Koi Pond Origami Day,' I can create something very, very close to the original design. 
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"Daisy Days""Daisy Days""Daisy Days"
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#312 "Daisy Days"

"Daisy Days" is another of my newer designs from my Simple Luxe Collection. This piece is a lampwork, gemstone 'wrap' or three-strand bracelet. That is, three strands of lampwork, stones, gems, white & regular sterling (925) and some lovely sterling charms including: a small rogue handmade 'DAISY' charm created by a local gifted artist using the old-wax casting technique. The same metalsmith also completed the dainty rouge-daisy toggle clasp made of solid sterling. Stunning pure white, clear & red/white studio lampwork beads (*at least 12 individual lampwork beads) were created by six esteemed lampwork artists living here and abroad and make up 'Daisy Days.' You will find a magnificent 'spankle' white round with swirls of white punctuated by real sterling droplets of silver encased in the glass. The swirls of white look like a moving scarf in the wind. These spankle beads are an original design of a gifted English artist. Her beads are difficult to come by as she sells most of her work locally. Also of note, are the clear/white bubble beads - like bubbles of water trapped under glass. The focal set of lampwork are created by the ever-talented, Catherine Steele. These include her encased red, clear & white daisy lentils & her actual daisy sculptural beads. I never tire of working with her daisy encased beads and as I was longing for full-on Spring this weekend, this seemed like the perfect time to pull out her cheerful daisy lentils set.
The piece is punctuated with AAA faceted quartz nuggets, freshwater Baroque & button, red furnace heart beads by the esteemed furnace glass artist Christensen, a large faceted chunky moonstone nugget and slim rondelles which flashes blue in just the right light and lots of white sterling findings, clear, red, opaque Swarovski crystal beads, sterling silver beads and accents. 'Daisy Days' is an elegant landscape of cascading beads for the season of unfolding green and color spots as gardens around the country start to offer up early blooms, preparing for an abundant, happy growing season (non-GMO seeds, of course).* For those unfamiliar with 'lampwork' beads - these are individual works of glass art created by gifted artists using rods of glass and a torch. There is a whole collectors' world of lampwork bead enthusiasts along with designers who use them in their jewelry work. Although some lampwork beads are now made en masse in China and beyond, my designs use only lampwork created by top-flight studio artists.As a quick aside, I read just yesterday that a color trend of Spring, 2012 is a pure and 'blinding' white. I must admit I was swooning when I saw an elegant, silk, flowing suit - perfectly tailored on a tall, elegant young woman. It is nice to see the pure color of white 'on trend' again!'Daisy Days' measures a firm 8.25 inches with very little give - this particular design is meant to have a snug fit as three separate strands against the wrist, quite unlike my signature dangle designs or my playful 2 strand wrap design. An 8.25 inch bracelet would best fit someone with a 6.50 or 6.75 inch wrist.
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