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"Carnevale, II""Carnevale, II""Carnevale, II"
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#2226 "Carnevale, II"

'Carnevale, II' is gallery-calibre 2-strand wrap bracelet made entirely of studio lampwork beads, gemstones, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. One of my more LUXE designs, this is a complex bracelet design in the 'spirit' genre; a complex design invoking the rich, ancient, colorful & beloved tradition of 'Carnevale,II' in Italy. On my first ever trip to Italy to attend a conference, I took the train after the event from Milano to Florence. Staying in a beautiful, but old hotel housed in the upper floors of an ancient building overlooking the River Arno and a few doors down from the Uffizi Museum, I was given the room used in the film, 'A Room with View.' The owner of the hotel (3rd or 4th generation in the same family) took me to my room himself and as he threw open the green shutters, just like in the movie, he pronounced, 'A Room with a View!' as, gasping, I beheld the River Arno and the Ponte Vecchio, feeling like I was in a beautiful dream as that film had captured my soul. However, I was so new to Florence (and had planned my trip in such haste), I had no idea that as it was February, it would also be the beginning of Carnevale. I wandered out from my dreamy hotel into the streets one warm, sultry February night and was swept up in folds of time, of centuries upon centuries once folded neatly, one onto the other - it was as if the sultry winds off the river were suddenly shaking the boundaries of time into the wild, warm air as all the creases blurred; the neat outlines which had divided time into years, decades and centuries became all but a beautiful and confused blur. I felt like I was spinning as I beheld the masked & costumed people from the Medieval time, out-and-about, making merry, singing, laughing, drinking under the golden lights of old temples, marketplaces and the great Duomo. It seemed like I wandered for hours, as if in a dream throughout the lanes and side-streets of Firenze until I felt quite lost, only to walk on and find myself miraculously back in front of my hotel. It is a night I will never forget where time, as we understand it, fell apart at the seams and I experienced one of the richest, most curious nights of my life. This bracelet, 'Carnevale, II,' honors and is named after just such a night in Florence, Italy at Carnival time and my memories of the colorful, regal, velvet fabrics of costumed Italians enjoying one last blitz before settling down for its somber opposite, Lent.

This piece, as with other recent designs, is dripping with top-flight artisan lampwork beads (by 5 different artists both here and abroad) and components. Starting with the bright focal beads of the piece are two large, textured, colorful red/orange beads, brightly textured with dots, spots and raised portals along with gold leaf & wild, modern blooms. Other lampwork include two square 'tile' shaped beads with raised decorations done in lilac and muted orange along with a complimentary round bead in similar shades of purples, oranges and reds. Several organic discs of glass in aqua, cream, blue and orange punctuate the design along with luxe faceted aquamarine rondelles, a stunning pink amethyst nugget, sterling silver beads, rings, spacers and beadcaps.  

"Carnavale, II" is completed with an elegant etched sterling silver toggle clasp and measures 8" in length. Please note that this style of bracelet (a wrap, 2 strand design) is meant to be worn rather loosely. Resizing at purchase & prior to shipping is done at no extra charge. Subsequence re-sizings will incur a fee of $50 to cover time, materials and return postage. 


Mermaid Cove by Rockaway BeachMermaid Cove by Rockaway BeachMermaid Cove by Rockaway Beach
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#2225 Mermaid Cove by Rockaway Beach

Even though we drift ever so slowly toward summertime and road-trips to the sea, I am of the mind that it is never too soon to make a seaside journey if only by design. "Mermaid Cove" is a piece that reminds me of the many day trips I used to make with my grandmother when I was a child to her former home by the sea in Northern California.  We would leave the hot suburbs east of San Francisco and head toward the city, bypassing S.F. for the shortcut to the Pacific Ocean and the town of Pacifica.  On our way, winding down the steep highway along the coast (and before urban sprawl came down to the sea at Pacifica), we would tuck into a tiny corner of the world called, 'Rockaway Beach.'  It was not big enough to be called a village.  It was not a marina.  It was just a handful of old buildings from the 1920's and 1930's (as if from prohibition days), set against a cement breakwater where waves crashed in and raised up in a watery rage that was at once frightening as it was exhilarating.  Grandma would have packed tuna fish sandwiches, a few bananas and some milk and we would eat our lunch in the car, with our windows rolled down beside the breakwater, listening to the rage and powerful roar of the ocean.  I was quite young and it always felt the such a spirited adventure requiring us to be full of courage and might - to go sit beside such a tempestuous Pacific Ocean, meeting at last, at the land of the west coast.
As such, 'Mermaid Cove at Rockaway Beach' is yet another of my newer designs from my Simple Luxe Collection. This piece is a premier lampwork, gemstone 'wrap' bracelet.  That is, two strands of lamp work beads by no less than 5 curated artists who use fine German or Italian glass rods (in a glass studio setting) who create each bead with amazing attention to detail, color & texture.  'Mermaid Cove at Rockaway Beach' also includes stones, gems and sterling (925) silver beads, findings, components and a  SS toggle clasp.
"Mermaid Cove at Rockaway Beach," is a two-strand wrap-bracelet of lampwork, sterling and gemstone done in shades of  blue, lime green, periwinkle, turquoise and peppered with cobalt, clear and dripping with the deep silver shine of handcrafted and ornate sterling silver findings and components.  It is full of unique studio glass beads made by the talents of five esteemed glass artists located both here and abroad.  You will find a plethera of shapes and sizes of lampwork (glass beads made by torch/glass rod in a studio setting & kiln-annealed for durability).  Some beads are textured in shapes including  discs, rondelles, rounds & a tube bead with some beads encased over a colored core & embedded with sterling and others, etched like beach glass.  Along with such a rich variety of lampwork glass beads, you will also find companion gems including faceted aquamarine and quartz rondelles, cream-colored Baroque pearls, blue-fire flash moonstone rondelles, micro-faceted iolite beads all of which, taken together, create a combination that is at once captivating and elegant.  The ensemble of artisan glass beads includes a focal etched blue and green/cobalt etched lentil bead textured like beach glass.  Two elegant clear rounds, one encased in white and one encased in blue are infused with actual sterling silver droplets, buried deep within the glass, making for a dreamlike wave effect, as if caught under glass.  Lampwork discs & an organic round punctuate the design along with Swarovski sterling & crystal rondelles, thick SS rings, Bali silver beads & bead caps and a variety of shapes and sizes of Swarovski crystals including sterling silver rondelles embedded with small clear and colored crystals.  The most powerful focal point of the bracelet, however, is the elegant sterling silver hand-cast sailboat button-bead at the center of one strand.  This solid, sterling bead is sumptuous and mesmerizing and is made by hand, using the old wax technique.  A beautiful vintage, SS mermaid charm along with a SS rowboat & Swarovski encrusted sterling flip-flop charm completes the design along with a sterling Bali silver toggle clasp. The whole bracelet composition reminds me of the strong winds & wild waves of the Pacific crashing against the cliff walls, like on those days with Grandma at 'Mermaid Cove at Rockaway Beach' beside the breakwater and the husks of old prohibition buildings in that small corner on the west coast. "Mermaid Cove at Rockaway Beach" measures 8.5 inches.*
*   Please note that the wrap-design is meant to be worn a little more loosely than other bracelet designs. 


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